How to DIY Cosplay as Clive Rosefield from Final Fantasy XVI

Clive Rosefield cosplay at home

Rosefield is the lead protagonist of the latest main-game installment in the Final Fantasy series: Final Fantasy XVI. As such, Clive Rosefield’s cosplay is a shoo-in for one of this year’s most popular outfits. That being said, there might be stiff competition from Street Fighter’s hot new protagonist, Luke Sullivan.

As concept art began to be shared for the game last year, many fans of the series were struck by Rosefield’s impressive character design. Always a popular choice among hardcore fans, Final Fantasy has long been a treasure trove of sublime cosplay options. It appears the latest entry will be no different.

Clive Rosefield’s cosplay outfit consists of a medieval-inspired red shirt with grey side paneling, substantial shoulder armor, a long black cloak, and rippled leather trousers, also adorned with substantial armoring around the calf. Cosplay costume designers simcosplay have already created an all-in-one cosplay outfit for those eager to recreate his style quickly.

However, if you prefer to DIY your own cosplay outfits, we’re going to help you get started.

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What do we know about Final Fantasy XVI so far?

Final Fantasy XVI will be a single-player action RPG set in a new world called Valisthea. The game will follow the story of Clive Rosefield, a young knight tasked with protecting his younger brother Joshua, who has been granted a powerful but dangerous magical ability. Clive will have to navigate political intrigue and face off against powerful foes as he tries to protect his brother and uncover the truth about the world of Valisthea.

Final Fantasy 16 will launch exclusively on PS5 on June 22, 2023.

How to recreate Clive Rosefield’s outfit

Clive Rosefield’s shirt/corset

Rosefields red shirt is a lace-up style and draws heavy inspiration from medieval-era tailoring. While finding an exact replica may be a challenge, finding a similar shirt for you to begin your DIY Final Fantasy cosplay is considerably easier. Casual lace-up shirts such as these from Yuccalley fashion designers are selling well right now, perhaps the pirate look is making a comeback.

You will want to lower the neckline to get closer to Rosefield’s aesthetic. Similarly, the sides of Rosefield’s shirt are also vented and laced to create a more skintight fit. You can make a cut, approximately up to the chest of the shirt, and thread with standard red shoelaces in a criss-cross pattern to achieve the same effect. Finally, sew some white ruffles at the neckline to round off that medieval-inspired aesthetic.

Clive Rosefield’s cape and armor

Rosefield’s cape is standard black and the end is heavily distressed/torn. We recommend starting with a full-length cape and distressing the base yourself with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to overdo it. The bulk of the damage is reserved to the bottom 1/5th of the cape with some tearing also observable around the sides. You may also want to sew seams down the length of the cape. This will give it a more textured, wind-ruffled look.

Clive wears his cape over his shoulder armor – standard fare for medieval knights wanting to protect the neck and chest from sword blows. His armor does not have much in the way of neck protection like some traditional pieces, so we recommend something more subtle like this one-shoulder leather guard.

Clive also wears wrist gauntlets and lower-leg armor. This provides him with adequate protection around his vulnerable areas without impeding movement. In both instances, these a high-fantasy in design and you are unlikely to find similar designs readily available. Particularly his left arm, which will likely take up the bulk of your designing time. NauticalMart does offer medieval-inspired leg armor which could act as a basis for the leg design on which to add your extra touches.

Finally, the trousers and belt

Rosefield’s trousers are made from leather and in a more relaxed fit than your average fashion-orientated leather pants. Leather was not commonly worn by medieval peasants. However, it was popular among soldiers for its added protection and durability. We recommend a genuine leather pair of trousers to avoid that overly shiny, cheap aesthetic. Le Craze offers a made-to-measure pair of genuine-lambskin trousers in a slim fit. The lace detailing is fantastic and pairs fantastically with the rest of Clive Rosefield’s cosplay, we feel.

Finally, Rosefield wears a wide, black leather sword belt featuring two buckles and an insignia. We recommend designing this one yourself with a wide leather strap and two slim silver buckles. Cut down the center of the strap approximately 1/3rd the length and sew the two buckles on. We’ll leave the insignia design up to your fruitful imagination and masterful metalwork.

Final Fantasy cosplay has a long and illustrious history of providing some of the very best outfits at comic cons and events around the world. We can’t wait to see what Final Fantasy XVI produces! We’re pretty confident Clive Rosefield cosplay is going to prove a rather popular option on this year’s circuit.

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