Depend on Our Step-by-step Costume Guides to Help you Dress Like Vincent Vega, Mia Wallace, Jules Winnfield, and More

Best Pulp Fiction Cosplay ideas and inspiration

Pulp Fiction Costume Ideas for Men, Women, and Couples

Whether for Halloween or a last-minute party, a Pulp Fiction costume is guaranteed to be a hit. From Vincent Vega to Mia Wallace, Jules Winnfield, to Butch Coolidge, there are almost too many iconic outfits to choose from.

The best part? Most of these outfits are super easy to make at home. You may already have most of the things you need to recreate these iconic, Slamming Jack Rabbit looks. And if you don’t, we’re here to guide the way.

Unlike Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase, there’s no great mystery behind our outfit ideas. Whether flying solo, as a couple, or as a group of friends, we have everything you need to know!


Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction) DIY costume

1. SUIT – As well as being cool as hell, this DIY Vincent Vega look is also one of our easiest costume ideas. All you need to start is a plain black two-piece suit.

2. SHIRT – Add a plain white dress shirt. Preferably a cheap or old shirt that you don’t mind staining with fake blood.

3. SHOES – Next, you will need a regular pair of black dress shoes.

4. WIG – Arguably the most iconic part of Vincent’s look is his long hairstyle. There are plenty of wig options out there but we found the dedicated Vincent Vega wig to be the best in terms of quality and price.

5. TIE – Vincent wears a slim black tie. Alternatively, for a touch of Southern class, Vega is also seen wearing a bolo tie in several scenes.

6. BLOOD – Where is the Wolf when you need him? Following the unfortunate incident in the car, Vincent finds himself covered head to toe in incriminating blood and guts.

7. GUN – Finally, where would any high-level mob hitman be without his trusty sidearm?


Vincent Vega (played by John Travolta) is a hitman who works for mob boss Marcellus Wallace.

After returning from Europe, Vincent and his partner Jules Winnfield set out on a routine intimidation job for a low-level street dealer. However, the job quickly goes wrong when someone hiding in the bathroom opens fire on the pair. Their problems are compounded when Vincent’s gun accidentally goes off in the car, killing another man they took captive.

As if that wasn’t enough, Vincent finds himself in even more trouble when he is tasked with taking Wallace’s wife, Mia Wallace, out to keep her company and she accidentally overdoses on some heroin Vincent has stashed in his suit jacket.

Vincent Vega is a great Pulp Fiction costume on its own but, together with Mia Wallace, it is also one of our most popular couple costume ideas of all time.


Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) costume

1.  SHIRT – For Mia’s Jack Rabbit Slim costume you just need to start with a white dress shirt. We recommend choosing something inexpensive if you intend to add some fake blood for the syringe.

2. PANTS – Next, get yourself a pair of cropped formal pants in a slim fit. Just make sure they’re loose enough for you to bust out your best dance moves.

3. FLATS – Mia wears a pair of gold ballet flats which she kicks off before her dance with Vincent. Would it even be a Quentin Tarantino movie without a bare-foot shot or two?

4. WIG – Mia’s hairstyle is a classic bob with a straight fringe. Like Vincent’s hair, this is an iconic part of her overall look.

5. LIPSTICK – Finish your lips with some seductive matte-red lipstick.

6. FAKE CIGARETTES – Some characters make smoking look cooler than others. Then there’s Mia, who makes it look better than anyone else.

7. SYRINGE – Optional accessory but the perfect addition for a more visceral Halloween costume. An extra-large syringe (filled with adrenaline) is a great finishing touch.


Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is the wife of feared mob boss Marsellus Wallace. Her past is shrouded in mystery, with rumors that her husband has a deadly jealous streak when it comes to his beautiful wife.

When Vincent Vega is tasked with taking Mia out for dinner to keep her company, the two develop an instant connection. Most notably during Jack Rabbit Slim’s dance competition where the two manage to take home first place.

Once back at Mia’s home, Vincent plans his escape before the connection between them progresses into dangerous territory and Mia accidentally overdoses on a packet of heroin she finds in his jacket, mistaking it for cocaine.

Although never an official couple, it’s fun to imagine ‘what-if’ with the most popular couple’s costume from Pulp Fiction (and potentially all-time!).


Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction) costume

1. SUIT – Like Vincent, Jules wears a plain black two-piece suit. That makes this pair the perfect DIY Pulp Fiction costume for two thick-as-thieves- friends.

2. SHIRT – Jules also wears a white dress shirt which will also become covered with guts and blood after Vincent’s gun accidentally goes off in the car.

3. WALLET – Could any Jules Winnfield costume be considered complete without his legendary ‘Bad Mother******’ wallet? One of the most iconic movie props of all time.

4. SHOES – Add a pair of formal black dress shoes.

5. TIE – Completing Jules’s suit is a matching slim black tie.

6. WIG – The Jules Winnfield cosplay set comes complete with an afro wig, mutton chops, and a bicycle mustache. We found the quality to be excellent and the final look really authentic.

7. TOY GUN – Finally, you will want a badass silver handgun. This is a two-pack so perfect if you and your friend are making matching Jules and Vincent costumes.



Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) is another hitman who works for mob boss Marsellus Wallace, alongside his long-time partner Vincent Vega.

Throughout Pulp Fiction, Jules goes through something of a religious awakening, spurred on by the seemingly miraculous survival of both characters following an intimidation job gone wrong.

After deciding to leave the mob game behind, Jule’s partner Vincent is gunned down by Butch Coolidge. A fate that, presumably, would have been avoided had either Jules chosen to stay or Vincent had decided to join him.


1.  JACKET – Butch wears a typical suede bomber jacket. This is a particularly easy costume accessory to pick up and also a great staple to have in your Fall wardrobe.

2. T-SHIRT – Under his jacket, Butch wears a plain white tee. Optionally, add some fake blood for after Butch is captured and tortured by Zed.

3. BELT – Add a brown leather belt with a regular silver buckle.

4. JEANS – You will need a pair of light blue denim jeans in a relaxed fit.

5. WATCH – His grandfather’s watch, which he almost lost his life trying to retrieve, is a 1914 trench watch worn by many soldiers during WWI.

6. SHOES – Butch wears a pair of vintage Chuck 70 low-top canvas sneakers.

7. TOY GUN – Finally, Butch guns down John Travolta’s character, Vincent Vega, while he is on the toilet using a silenced Uzi SMG. 



Butch Coolidge (played by Bruce Willis) is a boxer nearing the end of his career when mob boss Marsellus Wallace approaches him with an opportunity for a final payday.

In exchange for a significant payout, Coolidge is instructed to throw a boxing fight in the fifth round. However, tensions arise when Butch inadvertently K.Os his opponent.

Wallace confronts Coolidge after he makes an ill-advised trip to retrieve a precious family heirloom. The two then reconcile after they are tortured by shopkeeper Zed and his partners.

Although Mia and Vincent are the most popular Pulp Fiction couple’s costumes by a long way, Butch and Fabienne offer a great alternative. Particularly if you have a large group with multiple couples.



Fabienne (Pulp Fiction) DIY costume

1.  SHIRT – Have you been looking for an excuse to wear your boyfriend’s comfiest t-shirt in a public setting? Look no further than this Fabienne costume. Just get yourself the largest, coziest male tee you can find!

2. JACKET – Likewise, Fabienne spends much of the film wearing Butch’s relaxed denim jacket. Just because you have to socialize, that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy.

3. SHORTS – Optional, depending on the length of your shirt, but you might want to wear a little something underneath like a pair of denim shorts.

4. WIG – Like Uma Thurman’s character, Mia Wallace, Fabienne has her hair cut into a super cute short bob.

5. TOOTHBRUSH – Finally, pack yourself a red toothbrush like Fabienne’s for those romantic nights spent in a seedy motel room.



Fabienne (portrayed by Maria de Medeiros) is the French girlfriend of Butch Coolidge.

She is depicted as a charming and whimsical character, if not somewhat ditzy. When she forgets to pack Butch’s grandfather’s watch, she inadvertently sets him on a risky mission to retrieve it, despite the fact he knows Marcellus Wallace’s hitmen are likely waiting for him.

Dressed in Butch’s oversized tee, this has to be one of our easiest female costume ideas ever. Perfect for a last-minute themed party.



Zed DIY costume guide

1.  UNIFORM – Zed wears a standard security guard uniform, perhaps alluding to another line of work where Zed is able to live out his more sadistic and power-hungry drives.

2. T-SHIRT – Under his shirt, Zed wears a plain white tee just like Butch.

3. PATCH – On his left arm, Zed’s costume has a security patch.

4. BADGE – He also wears a sheriff badge above his left pocket. Again, this seems to allude to the power dynamic that Zed’s character appears to crave.

5. PANTS – Add a pair of regular black work pants and your DIY Pulp Fiction costume is almost complete!

6. BRACELET – The finishing touch, a garishly showy gold bracelet. Now you are ready to cosplay as one of the most reviled characters in cinema history.



Zed (played by Peter Green) is a sadistic and violent individual who, along with his partner Maynard, runs a non-descript pawnshop.

After Butch Coolidge momentarily escapes Marsellus Wallace following a car crash, he seeks refuge in Zed’s shop. However, he doesn’t realize how much danger he has placed himself in until Zed pulls a gun on both him and Marsellus.

The two are then tied up and brutally tortured in the basement. In one of the most controversial scenes of Pulp Fiction, Wallace is sodomized until Butch is able to free himself and rescue the pair, forming the most unlikely of partnerships.



Jimmy Dimmick DIY costume

1. ROBE – Sure you have a costume party to attend but do you really have to change out of your cozy bedtime clothes? Not with this particular Pulp Fiction costume. Simply slip into your favorite red robe and you’re ready to party!

2. PANTS – Add a pair of striped blue pajama bottoms and you are rocking in style and comfort.

3. MUG – Make yourself a brew of some real good gourmet sh** and fill up your red striped mug, ready for the day.

4. T-SHIRT – Jimmie Dimmick wears a distinctive white graphic tee with a smiling globe on the front. We found an exact replica over on Etsy ready and waiting for you.

5. FOOTWEAR – Finally, slip into a comfy pair of white slides. Now as soon as the Halloween party ends you are ready to transition straight into bedtime!


Jimmie Dimmick (played by Quentin Tarantino) is a minor character who helps Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield clean up their mess after they accidentally shoot their captive in the car they are driving around in.

They both lie low in Jimmie’s average suburban home and await the arrival of the famous fixer, known only as ‘The Wolf’. All the while, Jimmie worries about his wife returning before the three are able to clean up the dead body now sitting in his garage.

If you are looking for a more unique Pulp Fiction costume idea beyond the traditional Vincent, Mia, and Jules outfits, this is one of our favorite options.



Pumpkin and Honey Bunny (Pulp Fiction) couple costume

1.  DRESS – Honey Bunny wears a cute purple shirt dress with a button-up front.

2. NECKLACE – Next, you will need a gold choker or something similar for this DIY Pulp Fiction costume.

3. SNEAKERS – Finally, add a pair of black canvas low-tops.

4. SHIRT – Pumpkin, like many of Quentin Tarantino’s characters, favors a brightly patterned short-sleeve Hawaiian shirt.

5. REVOLVERS – Both Honey Bunny and Pumpkin use matching snub-nose revolvers to intimidate the diner customers.

6. JEANS – Add a pair of blue jeans or pants in a regular fit.

7. T-SHIRT – Finish your Pumpkin outfit with a plain black tee under your Hawaiian shirt.


Quentin Tarantino’s answer to Bonnie and Clyde, Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are a couple of amateur bank robbers who decide it would be much easier to hold up a diner than banks.

However, their plan soon goes wrong when Vincent and Jules intervene. Fortunately, Jules is in the process of his religious awakening and decides to show mercy to the couple, letting them take off with the customers’ wallets and jewelry.

Honey Bunny and Pumpkin are our third and final Pulp Fiction couple costume idea. Perfect if you have already done Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega!

More DIY 'Pulp Fiction' Costume Ideas

Pulp Fiction is one of the most popular costume ideas of all time. From Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace for the perfect couple costume to Jules and Vincent for a matching buddy outfit, there are always new and unique cosplays to look forward to every Halloween.

Looking for more ideas? Check out some of the best Pulp Fiction costumes from Pinterest that inspired our own step-by-step DIY guides.

Whether you want to go funny, sexy, or cute, these outfits are versatile and easy enough to accommodate any vibe.