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The best DIY costume ideas for groups, friends, and families of all sizes. Get together and find the perfect matching outfit with our easy step-by-step guides.


DIY Costume Guides for Friends and Family

We know it can be a challenge to find group costume ideas for friends or family. That’s why we put together this guide, complete with all our best outfit roundups from all your favorite movies and TV shows.

Each guide has been handpicked for maximum flexibility. That means no matter how big your family or friendship group is, you’re sure to find the perfect costume for you!



Kicking off our list of the best group costume ideas is the David Fincher cult classic: Fight Club. Ranking in many people’s top 10 all-time movies, it is an obvious place to start.

There are more than enough cool outfits to go around too. From Tyler Durden in his iconic red leather jacket to The Narrator after the major bust-up with himself. Not to forget Marla Singer with her unique blend of formal and anarchistic attire.

We cover all these big-hitter costumes in our Fight Club round-up, as well as some more unusual ideas like Robert ‘Bob’ Paulson and Angel Face.



Arguably Quentin Tarantino’s best directorial work (with the potential exception of Reservoir Dogs), Pulp Fiction is another classic movie that is just asking for you and your cosplaying friends to take full advantage of.

Looking for the ultimate duo costume idea? There are few bro-ships quite as iconic as Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega. Or, how about potentially one of the most popular couple Halloween costumes of all time: Vega and Mia Wallace?

If that feels a little too cliche, we also have outfit guides for Butch Coolidge and Fabienne. Maybe Zed and his *ahem* ‘friend’ is more your speed?

If you are a fan of Pulp Fiction, we have more than enough costume ideas to go around.



Are you looking for the perfect family costume idea? You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favorite cartoon American family: The Simpsons.

There’s an outfit for everyone. Marge and Homer Simpson for the parents, Bart and Lisa for the Kids, and Maggie for the baby. There’s even room for your four-legged fur baby to get in on the fun too!

Still not enough? We also have costume guides for the most popular side characters like Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, and Millhouse. Find them all in our complete Simpsons roundup.



Arrested Development has to be one of the funniest sitcoms of the 21st century. The whole show is just full of meme-worthy outfit potential. From Gob and his segway to Buster and his many different hand prototypes.

You are unlikely to find bigger Arrested Development fans than the team here at whatisXwearing. Honestly, when we first created this costume roundup we worried we might be the only ones to ever use it. Nobody could have predicted the viral sensation that has become Lindsay and ‘blued’ Tobias Funke.

We were certainly blown away by how many fellow never-nudes we have on our site. And we couldn’t be happier about it, this is one of our favorite funny group costume ideas.



The undisputed king of after-school TV entertainment: it’s the pineapple dwelling, Krabby Patty flipping, absorbent and porous fellow himself, Spongebob Squarepants.

This is one of the best costume ideas for particularly large groups of 5,6,7+. There are just so many brilliant characters to choose from. With an even mix of men’s and women’s costumes too.

To name but a few, our DIY roundup features: Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Pearl, Mr. Krabs, and more! Our Dennis costume from the original Spongebob movie has proved particularly popular.

All of them are super easy to make too, perfect if you and your friends or family are looking for a last-minute costume idea.



Sometimes you just want to be the coolest individuals in the room. Boy, do we have the group costume idea for you: The Matrix.

Here us out on this. When else will you have the opportunity to dress head-to-toe in latex or leather suits, wear futuristic shades indoors, and move everywhere in slow freaking motion? We rest our case.

We have all the most iconic characters covered. Including Neo and his full-length cloak, Trinity in her latex trench coat, and Agent Smith in his suave all-black suit. What more could you ask for from a matching costume theme?



Rick and Morty might be the new kid on the block when it comes to adult cartoon entertainment, relatively speaking, but boy has it made its presence known. With its surrealist humor and colorful cast of characters, this is another classic group cosplay idea.

With costume guides for Rick (in human and pickle form) and Morty, Summer, Jerry, and Beth Smith, this is a great idea for groups of 4 or more.

Now go forth and wreak havoc on an intergalactic scale! And please, for the love of all that’s good, bring us back some Szechuan sauce.



As the original ‘show about nothing’, Seinfeld set the benchmark for what a comedy sitcom could be. Although we might scoff at some of their questionable fashion sense today, the Seinfeld cast is the ultimate group costume idea for any 90s-themed party.

Looking for Jerry Seinfeld’s legendary puffy shirt? we’ve got you covered. How about Kramer’s lobster shirt? We found it. Maybe one of Elaine’s flowy summer dresses or George’s gold wireframe glasses? Check, check, and check again.

The only problem is: When you look this good, will anyone ever be sponge-worthy?



Can you believe that South Park has been on our screens for the past 25 years?! Few characters have enjoyed such long-lasting success as the inhabitants of Fairplay. And with so many classic episodes, you can guarantee there are more than plenty of awesome costume ideas for your entire group.

Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan costumes are all incredibly easy to make, even last minute, with all of them requiring only a few accessories (many of them everyday items).

Legendary recurring side characters such as Towelie and Mr. Hankey might be a little trickier to make at home but they sure are worth it. Don’t worry, we have everything you need in our South Park costume roundup.



The greatest time-travel movie of all time, Back to the Future envisioned a future where we were all skating around on hoverboards wearing auto-adjusting clothing and a past where Marty fancies his…let’s move on.

Back to the Future did the impossible by following up an incredible debut with an, arguably, even better sequel (the less said about Back to the Future II the better). We have DIY costume guides for Marty McFly, ‘Doc’ Brown, and Jennifer Parker based on both the original and the sequel.

Admittedly there are not quite as many great costume ideas as some of the other options on this list, so this might be a better option for smaller groups of 3 or 4.



This is one for all you romantics out there. The Princess Bride is a beautiful modern reimagining of the classic fairytale tropes we all grew up with. A testament to the power of true love to overcome even the most unlikely of odds… We’re not crying, you are!

The Princess Bride offers so many iconic costume ideas that you really do need a big family or friendship group to do it justice. From Inigo Montoya to ‘The Man in Black’, Princess Buttercup to the wiley Vizini, we have DIY outfit guides from them all.

Honestly, we think it’s a crime how little we see Princess Bride costumes for Halloween or cosplay events. Help us out here, will you?

More Group Costume Ideas

Didn’t find anything that felt quite right for you and your friends, family, or work colleagues? Don’t worry, we have hundreds more DIY outfit guides that are perfect for groups large and small.

From Scooby Doo to Toy Story, The Lion King to A Christmas Carol, we have costume ideas to suit every occasion and group. Don’t know where to start? Let us guide your search:

Easy Group Costumes

You thought you had all the time in the world but now you’ve been tasked with finding a group costume for 10+ people by the end of the day… It’s a situation many of us have found ourselves in at least once or twice and boy do we feel for you.

That’s why all our last-minute outfit ideas are designed to be as easy as possible to make at home with minimal accessories required. Some, like our Green Aliens from Toy Story guide, are flexible enough to accommodate groups of any size. Be sure to check them out if you ever find yourself short on time.

Funny Group Costumes

There are few things funnier than seeing a large group dressed in matching costumes. No matter the occasion, this is the perfect opportunity to turn both the cringe and hilarity dial up to 11.

Our funny outfit ideas could be just what your group is looking for. So take a look and find inspiration for the most awkward yet brilliant family or friends cosplay yet.

Sexy Group Costumes

Never one to miss an opportunity to turn up the heat, your group is looking for the sexiest and raunchiest costumes this side of the SFW internet.

Our sexy costume guides are some of our most popular of all time. From our collection of Disney Princesses to Halloween Villains, these DIY outfits are all about getting away with as little clothing as possible.