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The best DIY costume guides to help you dress like your favorite movie characters. Search for your favorite character or find inspiration and ideas with our hundreds of easy movie costume guides.

The best DIY costume Ideas Based on Your Favorite Movie Characters (2024)

Discover how to dress up like the best movie characters from all your favorite big-screen hits, both new and old. We have hundreds of DIY costume ideas to choose from. Each one is designed to make your next costume party, Halloween, or cosplay event the best one yet! Follow our step-by-step outfit guides and be remembered as the man or woman with the best costume bar none.
Consider yourself something of a movie buff? Why not try our comprehensive Fight Club or Pulp Fiction costume guides on for size? Covering all the usual suspects from Tyler Durden to Vincent Vega and even some more unique costume ideas like Jimmie Dimmick or Angel Face.
Perhaps you’re more of a Sci-Fi fan? We have you covered with fun and easy costume ideas from classics like The Matrix and Back to the Future. DIY costume guides for men (The Doc, Marty McFly, Neo, and Morpheus to name just a few) and women (Trinity and Jane Parker are two of our most popular).
Sometimes, you just want to give someone a real good scare, isn’t that what Halloween is all about after all? For those occasions, we have just the thing: Patrick Bateman, Scream, and Jigsaw all feature at the top of our favorite horror movie costume ideas.
Too creepy? We’re all romantics at heart. And what could be more romantic than the only Princess Bride Costume roundup to be found anywhere on the internet? The world would be a better place with a few more Westley’s and Princess Buttercup’s in it, don’t you think? And if Westley is a little too medieval for your taste, then how about a modern-day gentleman like Benoit Blanc or – one of our most popular costume guides of all time – John Wick?
Don’t ever feel at a loss for what to wear again. Whether you are a sci-fi, action, romance, or horror fan, we have the perfect movie costume idea for you here at whatisXwearing