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The best DIY sexy costume ideas for men and women. Turn up the heat and find some steamy inspiration for your next costume party or cosplay event.


Latest Sexy Costumes

Sexy Costume Ideas for Women (2024)

We all know Halloween and costume parties are the perfect excuse to get hot and steamy. When else do you have an opportunity to parade around in public in your finest lingerie and have it be socially acceptable?

We’re here for it! That’s why we have created some of the hottest and sexiest (and just the right amount of slutty) costume guides to be found anywhere on the SFW side of the internet. So strap in because, unlike the rest of our guides, these outfits are all about dressing down.

DIY Sexy Costumes

We have hundreds of sexy costume ideas for women that cover all the most popular characters (as well as plenty that you never realized could look this good). 

Our Disney Princess costume guides are a great place to start if you are a fan of animated movies. Elsa, Ariel, and Rapunzel are certainly some of our most popular sexy costume outfits. For Scooby Doo and Toy Story fans we also have our sexy Velma, Daphne, Woody, and Little Bo Peep costumes. Perfect if you and a friend want to make the night your own. Maybe all that sounds a little too mainstream for you? Proving that funny costume ideas can also be hot-as-all-hell, we have our whacky Donkey, Dragon, and sexy Lord Farquaad outfit guides. Yes, we know that last one might raise a few eyebrows but hey! you asked for it and surprisingly, it works!

Are you searching for the perfect sexy Halloween costume? We have a whole collection of DIY guides designed specifically for that very eventuality. From Disney’s Wednesday Addams to classic looks like Female Patrick Bateman, there’s plenty to choose from. Other gender-bending outfits include female Beetlejuice, Pennywise, and Ghostface. Because when you look this good, you can get away with anything.

In the interest of equality, we also have plenty of sexy men’s costumes to choose from too. Try our male Quiet outfit from MGS: V The Phantom Pain or maybe our leather-clad Negan look from The Walking Dead.

Consider this your green flag to go forth and let your inner freak fly; it’s time to get hot and steamy, bold and slutty, totally and unashamedly R-rated with our collection of the best DIY sexy outfits.