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Funny DIY costume ideas for men and women. Find outfit inspiration and make your next party the most memorable yet with these whacky and hilarious step-by-step guides.


Funny Costume Ideas & Guides (2024)

We love getting creative with our costume ideas. After all, there really is no better time to show your personality and uniquely brilliant sense of humor. So check out our collection of funny and innovative DIY outfit guides and themes to find the one that matches your distinct brand of hilarity.

Funny Costume Ideas for Guys

Looking for a funny costume theme? We have tons of costume roundups from all the most popular TV shows and movies. For a 90s-themed costume party, we have the ever-funny Seinfeld cast covered. From Seinfeld’s Puffy shirt to Elaine’s fashionable summer dresses and less-fashionable poofy hair, hilarious antics are guaranteed. 

For 00’s themed parties, we have the king of cult comedy: Arrested Development. There are too many iconic characters to mention but we have explored them all in our complete DIY outfit roundup. Tobias and Lindsay Funk was one of the most popular funny costume ideas for last year and we hope to see many more guys ‘bluing’ themselves in the near future.

Looking for a funny costume idea that is also super quick and easy? All of our South Park DIY cosplays can be made with 6 accessories or less. Perfect for a last-minute outfit that can still make one heck of an impression.

Finally, for our most surprising viral sensation of the year: check out the funny couple’s costume tour-de-force that is Thelonious (Executioner) from Shrek and female Lord Farquaad.

Funny Costumes for Girls

We have plenty of funny costume ideas for women too. With the most iconic characters spanning every genre of film and TV, there is sure to be an outfit that feels tailor-made for you.

For Harry Potter fans we have classics like Nymphadora Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy. We also have more unusual DIY costume guides that you didn’t even realize you needed in your life. We’re looking at you, Hedwig and Moaning Myrtle. After all, what could be funnier than walking around a party with a toilet seat around your neck?

Looking for the perfect blend of funny and cute in a single costume? How about Gingy the Gingerbread man? So adorable we could just eat you all up!

For funny couples costumes we have the TikTok phenomena that is Kronk and Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. Got a third wheel joining your group? Bring Pacha along for the ride too. Other great couples ideas include Jerry and Beth Smith from Rick and Morty or Marge and Homer from The Simpsons.

The one thing all these hilarious DIY costumes have in common? They are guaranteed to elicit a barrel-full of laughs from anyone with such a fine-tuned sense of humor as you.