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Thelonious Executioner Shrek DIY Costume Guide

Thelonious Shrek costume

Do you want to know how to make your own DIY Thelonious costume from the movie Shrek? We show you how to make both his executioner outfit and iconic hood.

Thelonious is a large, mute, and somewhat dim-witted executioner and one of Lord Farquaad’s main henchmen.

Although Thelonious is a man of few words, he did provide us with one of the most memorable Shrek quotes of all time: “Pick number 3, my lord!”

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Thelonious (Shrek) DIY Costume

Despite his limited screen time, Thelonious is a fan-favorite character from Shrek and his outfit design is truly iconic. A Thelonious costume is a fun and innovative idea that guarantees a memorable entrance to any costume party.

Thelonious Shrek DIY costume guide

Buy Thelonious costume items:

  1. Gray compression shirt
  2. Gray compression pants
  3. Dark gray leotard
  4. Gauntlet cosplay gloves
  5. Medieval boots
  6. Leather belt with gold buckle
  7. Handheld ornate mirror
  8. Black crafting fabric
  9. Yellow-tinted sunglasses

How to make the Executioner outfit:

Step 1: Theolonius wears a gray one-piece under a darker gray leotard. There are a few ways to approach this. We went for a matching set of workout compression pants and a shirt to imitate that skintight one-piece look. To make things even simpler, you could also use a gray morphsuit to create the same kind of effect.

A third option, if you are making your Thelonious costume on a budget or time constraint, is just to use a pair of gray pants and a long-sleeve shirt that you may already have lying around. Don’t worry, the hood is what really brings this whole cosplay together.

Step 2: For the overshirt we went for a distinctinctive mesh wrestling leotard. Although not identical, we felt the mesh design created a cool chainmail finish that was really in keeping with the general Renaissance vibe of this costume. Just note that we – along with a number of other reviewers – found the sizing smaller than expected. Consider ordering a size up (unless you intend to leave little to the imagination).

If you want to remain as authentic to the character as possible, a gray jumpsuit onesie is also a great option.

Add a black or dark gray belt, ideally with a gold rectangular buckle – it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have an exact match.

Step 3: Thelonious wears a pair of black-leather, executioner gauntlet gloves. These are really popular cosplay accessories and you will find plenty of quality, inexpensive gauntlet gloves available.

For the shoes, we decided on a pair of authentic medieval-wrap boots. These shoes look fantastic. However, just note that foot protection is almost non-existent. If you’re making your costume for an indoor party this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But if you plan to wear them outside for any length of time, some cushioned insoles are highly recommended.

Step 4: Completely optional but fun addition; find yourself an ornate handheld mirror (preferably not a family heirloom) that you don’t mind smashing with a well-timed punch at the most opportune moment.

Another fun and easy prop option is to design your own DIY “Pick Number 3 My Lord!” sign with a piece card and tie it around your neck with some string.

Do you have any more suggestions on how to make our DIY Thelonious costume from Shrek even better? Share them in the comments and we’ll be sure to include the best ones.

How to make the DIY Thelonious hood:

DIY Thelonious (Shrek) costume hood

Step 1: First, buy yourself a generous length of black fabric (cotton craft fabric is ideal). This step is considerably easier if you have a friend to help you but it can also be completed solo. Place the fabric over your head – making sure you have enough fabric to work with – and loosely trace the outline of the hood with a white fabric pen (or lightly score with a pencil).

Trace from the edge of your shoulder to roughly the center of your chest and back up to your other shoulder in an even curve. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, for now this is just a rough outline.

Step 2: Remove the fabric and connect the two lines with another slightly smaller curve. Even up the lines where necessary and make sure you are happy with the general shape. You should have an oval shape that’s big enough to fit over your head and drape comfortably over your back and chest.

With a pair of scissors or a craft knife, cut out your egg-shaped piece of fabric.

Step 3: You will need a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses for this step. Don’t worry about the design or even the shape of the lenses as we’re going to be popping them out and affixing them to the underside of the hood.

Place the hood back over your head and mark roughly where the eye holes need to be. Once you’re happy with the placement, cut out both eye holes in a narrow oval shape that is more pointed toward the inner eye and more rounded for the outer part of the eye hole (see reference image above).

Carefully, remove the lenses from your sunglasses. Position them on the reverse side of your hood, secure them using high-quality fabric glue, and wait until the glue is fully dry.

Step 4: To provide the executioner hood with a more defined structure, take a thin strip of card and glue it into a ring that is large enough to fit comfortably over your head and around your neck.

Glue the card ring to the inside of your hood so that it sits just above your shoulders. This will give your DIY Executioner costume a clear hood shape around the head while also allowing the base to sit freely around the neck, chest, and back.

And just like that, your DIY Thelonious costume is ready to go!

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