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Crash into the party in style with a fun and easy matching three blind mice outfit

Three Blind Mice Halloween costume

How To Dress Like Blind Mice

Do you want to know how to make a Three Blind Mice Shrek costume? This is the perfect Halloween outfit for a group of 3 friends looking for a fun and easy matching costume idea.

A Three Blind Mice outfit could not be any easier for you and your friends to make yourselves. The most important thing is that you all choose matching accessories and stick together throughout the night. Because who wants just one blind mouse? Here is everything you need:


Three Blind Mice costume guide

As we wanted to go for more of a sexy vibe with our three blind mice costume, we went for a white crop top with a super cute matching (maybe just a little slutty) pleated mini skirt.

To keep the color scheme going we also chose three pairs of matching strappy heels – in a chunky sole for the long Halloween party this outfit was made for.

A pair of round glasses with deep-black tinted lenses is the perfect eyewear accessory for this costume. As is a standard walking cane with a crook handle.

Finish with a set of mouse cosplay ears (tails optional) and a pair of satin gloves for your soft rodent paws.

That’s all there is to it. This is an ideal last-minute Halloween costume for you and your friends. So team up with two of your besties because it’s time to hit the town in style!



The Three Blind Mice, like many other characters in Shrek, are based on a classic nursery rhyme of the same name.

Although only minor characters, they appear throughout each of the Shrek films and provide great comic relief thanks to their uncanny ability to find themselves in increasingly outlandish and hilarious mishaps.

Which Blind Mouse Are You?

Although they all look identical, each of the three blind mice in Shrek actually have distinct character traits. Which mouse are you and which one reminds you of your friends?

  • Blinkey: The defacto leader of the trio, Blinkey decides where the night starts and how it ends (only occasionally in tears). Every group needs a Blinkey.

  • Mousy: The smallest of the three, Mousy has a tendency to run off and get into all kinds of trouble. Most of the night is spent trying to keep Mousy from getting hurt.

  • Squeaky: Forever tired, Squeaky has had enough of the night before the cabs even arrive. Can normally be found in the nearest fast-food joint plotting her escape.