How to Dress Like Your Favorite Shrek Characters

Not many movies have the same cultural impact as Shrek did when it first hit cinemas way back in 2001. An instant worldwide hit, Shrek has spawned multiple sequels and spinoffs, as well as a seemingly infinite number of memes that dominated the early days of social media and forums.

Still a popular outfit choice for themed parties and Halloween, we have brought together our favorite Shrek costume ideas for women in one place.

Whether flying solo or with your besties, find inspiration for your next Far Far Away outfit here!

Dragon costume



Dragon from Shrek is a nuanced and beloved character. Like many of the mythical creatures of Far Far Away Land, Dragon is misunderstood and treated poorly based on her appearance.

Under that fire-breathing, scaly exterior, is a kindhearted and compassionate woman who just wants to love and be loved. We feel you, Dragon!

This look is super easy to make at home and versatile enough to work at whatever occasion you might have planned!

Donkey costume



We couldn’t possibly make a Dragon guide without adding her one soulmate, Donkey. Like Dragon, Donkey is a misunderstood mythical creature who has been maligned and treated like a criminal just for being himself.

The two find a natural connection between them, making this one of our most adorable outfit ideas for best friends or couples!

Like Dragon, this is also a super simple outfit to make for yourself and perfect for a last-minute event.

Shrek Costume



It might be over 20 years since Shrek first hit the big screen but few millennials will forget the cultural impact that this green ogre has had over the years.

Like an onion, this outfit is all about peeling back Shrek’s layers and seeing this classic character like you’ve never seen him before!

It’s fun, it’s gender-bending, and it’s weirdly sexy! This is how to dress like Shrek for women…

Gingy costume



‘Gingy’ The Gingerbread Man might be small in stature but he plays second-fiddle to no mythical creature when it comes to the size of his cajones. Lord Farquaad might have broken Gingy’s legs but nothing could break his spirit.

This look is truly adorable. A combination of a beautiful brown dress and candy cane socks, complete with a matching candy walking cane and makeup.

Now, aren’t you looking like a tasty snack?!

Lord Farquaad costume



Lord Farquaad is the little ruler with the ultimate Napoleon complex. While his dreams of a racially pure Far Far Away Land might have to go unrealized, we do have to thank him for bringing together Shrek and Fiona, as well as Donkey and Dragon!

Seriously, never in our wildest dreams did we expect this costume to be as popular as it turned out to be. But you asked and we delivered: The Sexy Lord Farquaad look!

While this is undoubtedly a powerful look all on its own, it also complements our Thelonious Executioner outfit for one of our favorite couple’s ideas!


Three blind mice costume



In a world full of colorful and whimsical mythical creatures, the Three Blind Mice stand out as some of the most endearing and memorable side characters of the entire Shrek series.

Not only is this an instantly recognizable look, it is also just perfect for any group of best friends in need of a matching outfit idea!

With very little effort, it is possible to make a super fun and lowkey look that is just perfect for a last-minute themed party.