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Dress like the naughty ogre you are with this sexy and seductive Shrek outfit idea

Cute Shrek Costume Ideas

How To Dress Like Shrek

The early days of meme-driven internet forums gave rise to countless weird and wonderful phenomena that feel distinctly like they belong to a different age. One of the weirdest? An obsession with Shrek as some kind of sex icon…

Hey, we’re not here to judge! We’re here to embrace our differences with this flirty little Shrek outfit made just for women. It takes all kinds to make a world!


Sexy Shrek (Female) Costume Guide

1: TROUSERS – In keeping with his Scottish roots, Shrek wears some rather fetching tartan trousers. For our costume, we went for a skin-tight pair of plaid leggings. Though, if you would prefer something a little more revealing, a tartan skirt would also work just as well.

2: VEST – Shrek wears a crocodile-skin vest that he likely stole from a regular-sized man. In this spirit and in keeping with the general renaissance costume design of the movie, we settled on a brown ‘peasant style’ bodice.

3: SHIRT – Again to keep that medieval theme going, we landed on a super cute vintage-inspired top with ruffled sleeves and chest. 

4: EARS – Easy. There are countless Shrek costume ears available out there. We just chose one of the highest-rated pairs online.

5: SHOES – We didn’t want to go full hog and get whatever peasant shoes Shrek is wearing. Instead, we went for a cute pair of brown Margot loafers that are still very much in keeping with the spirit of the outfit.

6: MAKEUP – Finally, it’s time to cover every inch of exposed skin in bright green body paint. Make sure to use a high-quality, water-based paint specifically designed for the face and body. We highly recommend Mehron’s Ogre Green makeup



Shrek is an Ogre who has been shunned by the kingdom of Far Far Away Land. With most people unable to see past his scary exterior and their own Ogre misconceptions, Shrek lives a solitary life in the privacy of his personal swamp.

That is until he inadvertently saves the life of Donkey who refuses to leave him alone. Together, Shrek and Donkey embark on a quest to save Princess Fiona from a tower guarded by a fearsome dragon.

Along the journey, Shrek learns to accept the love of others and, finally, learns to love himself.

At the heart of Shrek is a simple but poignant message that we would all do well to remember more often: Love yourself for who you are.

Is This the Right Look for You?

Are you and Shrek destined for a fairytale ending? Let’s find out with our – 100% scientific – personality comparison.

1. Introverted: You don’t want for much. Just to be left alone to fester in your homely slice of swamp. Without any annoying people or mythical creatures asking favors or otherwise bothering you. Socializing is more effort than it’s worth 90% of the time.

2. Sarcastic: You have a sharp tongue and a dry wit that is often wasted on people. Just another reason why you don’t like socializing with those peasants.

3. Skeptical: Fairytales are for children and anything that looks too good to be true probably is. You see the world as it really is, full of dangerous creatures, insecure little men, and annoying, self-serving animals.

4. Misunderstood: You’ve developed a hard shell as a defense mechanism against all of life’s daily B.S. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a soft and compassionate interior. You hate people who make snap judgments and can’t see beyond racist Ogre stereotypes.

5. Loyal: You might be selective with your friends but those who can consider themselves part of your inner circle are truly blessed. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for the people you love.