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Cosplay and Costume Experts Dedicated to making the best step-by-step DIY Outfit Guides Anywhere on the Internet.


We are a small but dedicated time of cosplay experts and costume enthusiasts with an ambitious goal: to make the best step-by-step DIY costume guides you could possibly hope to find. Based on our own personal interests, as well as the requests of our readers, we help you dress like some of the most popular characters from all the best movies, TV shows, and video games.

We put everything we have into our outfit guides – from our years of content creation experience to our lifelong passion for cosplaying. We want you to go into your next Comic Con, cosplay event, or costume party feeling like you’ve never looked better!

Our team looks to create something for everyone: No matter your interests. Are we missing your favorite character? Please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Finding the Perfect Costume Idea

We know that finding the right inspiration for a costume party, Halloween or cosplay event isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s less about a specific costume and more about a vibe you’re going for.

That’s why we have organized our hundreds of outfit guides into the most requested categories. If you’re stuck for a costume idea, be sure to check out our ‘Easy & Last-minute’, ‘Funny’, and ‘Sexy’ roundups. Or, for more general inspiration, we recommend browsing our Most Popular costumes to date.


Our small team might share a mutual passion for cosplaying but our personal interests could not be more different! Below are a few of our favorite costume roundups that we have created over the years, based on our desert-island movies and TV shows.