Our most popular DIY costume guides from every category. Discover the most trending outfit ideas and find inspiration for your next cosplay event.


Most Popular Costume and Cosplay Ideas for 2024

Our costume guides have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world but these are without a doubt our most popular outfits of 2024. You’ll find a selection of everything here, from all your favorite movies, TV shows, video games, and popular culture. You should have no problem finding an outfit for your next cosplay event, we have something for everyone.

Among our most requested guides, you will find classic costumes for both men and women. From surprise trend-worthy smash hits such as our step-by-step Thelonious costume guide to dependable favorites like our Female Dragon outfit or Thorn from Scooby Doo, these are the costume ideas our readers have most resonated with this year.

Costume Inspiration

Finding a costume for Halloween, Christmas, Comic-Con or any party is easy. The challenge is selecting just one. Are you looking for a group costume idea for you and your friends? The Three Blind Mice from Shrek is a super fun and easy option.

How about a cute couple’s costume for you and your partner? Our complete DIY roundups are a great place to start. From beloved cartoons like The Simpsons and Spongebob to cult classic movies like Fight Club and The Princess Bride, we have collected all the best male and female cosplay guides in one easy article. There’s no better place to find costume inspiration!

What kind of vibe are you going for? For funny and creative costume ideas based on the most iconic sitcoms, we have our Arrested Development and Seinfeld outfit roundups. Both are a treasure trove of cheap and easy costume ideas for adults of all ages to enjoy.

For hot and steamy, more than a few of our sexy costume ideas for women have found their way onto this list. From the unusual (can we interest anyone in a Sexy Donkey outfit?) to the every-year staples (we personally guarantee you’ve never seen Scooby Doo’s Velma quite like this), we must have been single-handedly responsible for raising the global temperature a degree or two in our time – just don’t quote us on that…

Perhaps you are more of a traditionalist and believe that Halloween costume ideas should be scary first and foremost. For that, we have classic movie monsters Pennywise, Ghostface, and Beetlejuice to help us out. 

The point is: We have it all. Unique, funny, sexy, easy, and scary costume ideas for men, women, friends, couples and even the whole family. So if you’re looking for that next viral TikTok or Pinterest Halloween costume or a fun and popular idea for your next cosplay event, this is the place to be.