The 8+ Best Simpsons Costume Ideas with DIY Guides: Homer, Lisa, Maggie, Bart, and more…

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Do you want to know how to make the best DIY Simpsons costume? Whether for Homer or Marge, Bart, Lisa or Maggie, or maybe one of the countless colorful side characters, we have you covered with our easy step-by-step Simpson costume guides.

The Simpsons have been gracing our screens for over three decades and 30 seasons.

Over the years, they have found themselves in countless hilarious adventures and predicaments. The creativity of the showrunners is surely second to none, even if they are aided by time traveler Matt Groening.

While many things have changed, one thing has remained pretty much a constant: Their outfits! That has made The Simpsons’ family costumes a favorite at cosplay and Halloween parties all over the world.

The beauty of a Simpsons cosplay costume is, quite often, it is incredibly easy to make for yourself. With the exception of the excessive amounts of yellow body paint needed, most of their outfits are made up of everyday items. Many of which you might already have in your wardrobe.

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These are our favorite DIY Simpsons costume ideas: Including where to find everything you need, as well as instructions on how to make the perfect Simpsons cosplay outfit in no time at all.

The Simpsons Costume Guides

Homer Simpson costume guide

1. Homer Simpson costume

Buy DIY Homer Simpson costume items:

  1. White polo shirt
  2. Light blue trousers
  3. Black formal shoes
  4. Yellow swimming cap
  5. Yellow bodypaint
  6. Toy donut
  7. Duff beverage


Homer Simpson is the near-do-well patriarch of the Simpsons family. A man who knows he has to provide in any way he can; but all he really wants to do is kick back with a dozen donuts and a six-pack of Duff beer. Relatable, much?

The DIY Homer Simpson costume is really easy to make at home. Like much of The Simpsons ensemble, he exclusively wears everyday clothes, many of which you might already own.

As with all The Simpsons costumes on this list, an industrial-scale volume of yellow bodypaint will be needed. But, that aside, this is a fantastic Halloween or fancy dress outfit that is straightforward to achieve.

You will need a plain white, short-sleeved dress shirt (preferably one you don’t mind ruining with yellow paint), a pair of light blue work pants, and some everyday black shoes.

You could opt for a generic bald cap, but we recommend a yellow swimmer’s cap so you don’t have to worry about painting the cap the right color. We also suggest using something like thin black wire to recreate Homer’s cartoonish strands of hair.

Optional accessories for your Homer Simpson costume include a pack of toy donuts or a couple of Duff cans. The orange sparkling beverage from prop experts Gosu Toys is actually pretty tasty.

Read on if you are looking to make the perfect Marge and Homer Simpson couples costume.

Marge Simpson costume guide

2. Marge Simpson costume

Buy DIY Marge Simpson costume items:

  1. Green tube dress
  2. Red pearl necklace
  3. Red slip-on chunky heels
  4. Marge Simpson wig
  5. Yellow bodypaint

Poor Marge Simpson. All she wants is a simple, everyday life. Yet, she lives one of the most chaotic existences in Springfield (and that’s saying something), largely thanks to her husband, Homer. She is a saint to put up with all of her husband’s antics; the things we do for love.

Marge Simpson’s DIY costume is also incredibly easy to make at home. The focal part of her outfit is a strapless, green midi tube dress that falls just below her knees. However, if you are looking to make a more sexy Marge Simpson costume this Halloween, we suggest something like this midi green cocktail dress from meilun.

Next, you will need a choker-length red pearl necklace and matching red slip-on heels. We think this pair of pumps with a chunky heel fit the bill perfectly.

Finally, for the hair, you have a couple of options. Either, you could go for a Marge Simpson costume wig, made for this very purpose. Or, if you would prefer a more natural look (Kinda like what Marge would look like in the real world) you could use a temporary blue hairspray alongside a volume-boosting spray to create a more realistic Simpsons costume.

How to make a Bart Simpson costume

3. Bart Simpson costume

Buy DIY Bart Simpson costume items:

  1. Orange T-shirt
  2. Blue shorts
  3. Blue canvas shoes
  4. Green skateboard
  5. Temporary hair dye
  6. Yellow bodypaint

Everyone knew a boy like Bart Simpson in school. If you didn’t, well it was probably you wasn’t it?

Poor Bart just can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble.

Whether with his parents, teachers, siblings, or even the groundskeeper, trouble follows Bart wherever he goes. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Bart Simpson’s DIY costume is essentially built around what the average boy his age would wear. A plain orange tee, blue knee-length shorts, and a pair of blue canvas shoes.

As with all these Simpsons costume ideas, you are going to need a generous amount of yellow body and face paint.

We also recommend using some temporary yellow hair paint and extreme strength hair gel to create that early 2000s spiked hairstyle.

Of course, no Bart Simpson costume would be complete without his trusty skateboard.

Bart skates around Springville on a luminous green cruiser. This type of skateboard is typically recommended for beginners as it is much more compact and easier to control than the average board. The added bonus is that it will hopefully prove less cumbersome at your next Simpsons-themed costume/Halloween party.

How to dress like Lisa Simpson

4. Lisa Simpson costume

Buy DIY Lisa Simpson costume items:

  1. Red strapless midi dress
  2. Pearl choker necklace
  3. Red Mary Jane flats
  4. Lisa Simpson costume wig
  5. Yellow bodypaint

Like her mother, Lisa Simpson dreams of a normal life. One where she can practice her baritone saxophone and excel at school in peace. Unfortunately, her brother often has other ideas.

Lisa Simpson’s costume starts with a strapless orange midi dress.

If you want to create an authentic DIY Simpsons costume, take a pair of scissors to the bottom of your dress and carefully cut out the distinctive zig-zag pattern that is so reminiscent of Lisa. Of course, if you would rather wear your dress again, this step can be skipped and your Lisa costume will look just fine.

Like her mother, Lisa Simpson wears a choker-length pearl necklace. The only difference here is that Lisa’s is white whereas Marge’s is red. For the shoes, we found that Mary Jane-style flats with a strap match Lisa Simpson’s outfit almost perfectly.

The hairstyle is, again, a matter of preference.

A number of the Lisa Simpson costume wigs on offer are, in our opinion, not of the greatest quality. However, we did find a Goku wig that we feel would work remarkably well. Otherwise, reach for the yellow hairspray and extra-strength styling products.

And for the finishing touch? Your very own inflatable saxophone.

How to dress like Maggie Simpson

5. Maggie Simpson costume

Buy DIY Maggie Simpson costume items:

  1. Blue wearable blanket with sleeves
  2. Red pacifier
  3. Blue clip-on hair bowtie
  4. Temporary hair dye
  5. Fancy dress bodypaint

Did you know that Maggie turned 35 last year? She has to be the oldest 1 year in television history.

With 34 seasons and even an attempted murder under her belt, she has certainly been busy over the year(s).

The Maggie Simpson costume is certainly the most comfortable one on our list. While most of us are, unfortunately, no longer able to squeeze ourselves into a baby onesie, we do have the next best thing: A wearable blanket!

Picture this: you turn up to your Halloween or costume party and…you are already ready for bed! Now that sounds like a party to us.

Next, all you need is a red pacifier and a cute blue hair bowtie and you have yourself one of the most adorable Simpsons family costumes ever.

Alternatively, if you are indeed looking to get the whole family involved and want the cutest baby/infant Maggie Simpson costume, we highly recommend this long-sleeve blue dress for your little one.

Ned Flanders fancy dress costume guide

6. Ned Flanders costume

Buy DIY Ned Flanders costume items:

  1. Green sweater
  2. Pink dress shirt
  3. Grey work pants
  4. Black dress shoes
  5. Fake mustache
  6. Wireframe circle glasses
  7. Body and facepaint

Ned Flanders is the friendly next-door neighbor we all love to hate.

There’s just something about his constant, unerring optimism that rubs the people of Springfield the wrong way.

Ned Flander’s costume gives quintessential dad next-door vibes. A green, heavyweight sweater over a pink shirt; Grey work pants and black shoes – we’ve all seen more than one dad dressed in this exact outfit.

Ned Flanders’s glasses are round wireframes with, what we assume, are some pretty heavy-duty lenses. We have you covered, with a pair of stylish oversized frames and clear lenses.

Finish your Ned Flanders Simpsons costume with a majestic chevron mustache and you’re ready to party quicker than you can say hi-diddly-ho neighborino.

Make your own Mr Burns fancy dress costume guide

7. Mr. Burns costume

Buy DIY Mr. Burns costume items:

  1. Green classic-fit suit
  2. White dress shirt
  3. Orange tie
  4. Black shoes
  5. White tube socks
  6. Balding cap
  7. Cosplay paint

The relevance of Mr. Burn’s character feels like it grows with each passing day.

The embodiment of modern capitalism, penny-pinching Mr. Burns cares about as much for his employees as he does for the environment. Sound about right?

To make your own Mr. Burns costume, start with a dark green suit. We recommend a classic fit over the more modern slim fit as Mr. Burns clearly hasn’t changed his suit in line with his increasingly emaciated body.

The rest of this DIY Simpsons costume is pretty easy to put together: you just need a white dress shirt, orange tie, black shoes, and white tube socks.

We also found that the salt and pepper balding wig from City Costume Wigs was a near-perfect match for this particular Simpsons costume idea.

Milhouse fancy dress guide

8. Milhouse Van Houten costume

Buy DIY Millhouse costume items:

  1. Pink T-shirt
  2. Orange shorts
  3. Orange trainers
  4. Circle frame glasses
  5. Blue costume hairspray
  6. Fancy dress bodypaint

Milhouse is Bart’s best friend, proving that opposites really do attract.

Like Bart Simpson, Millhouse’s costume is pretty standard for a boy his age. All you need is a pink tee, orange shorts, and matching trainers. Add a pair of round glasses with red frames (we also assume these are strong glasses, like his father’s).

Comb your blue hair over as far to the left as it will go and you’re ready to party. Lisa Simpson and Milhouse make for a great couple’s costume, too.

Which Simpsons costume is right for me?

Not sure which Simpsons costume best suits your unique personality?

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you which one you should go for this Halloween. Just ask yourself, which of these quotes best describes you?

  • “A loveable fool with an insatiable sweet tooth.” – Homer Simpson costume
  • “Overly patient and caring, it wouldn’t be a problem if you weren’t constantly surrounded by idiots.” – Marge Simpson costume
  • “A little troublemaker who doesn’t like to play by the rules.” – Bart Simpson costume
  • “The smartest person in any room; intelligent, thoughtful, and just generally better.” – Lisa Simpson costume
  • “The baby of the group; adorable and loveable; most likely to get carded.” – Maggie Simpson costume
  • “Painfully optimistic, seriously how do you always seem so happy?” – Ned Flanders costume
  • “Voted most likely to be successful in High School; who needs friends when you have money?” – Montgomery Burns costume
  • “A true romantic at heart with zero pulling game is such a cruel combination.” – Millhouse costume

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