The best DIY costume ideas for men. Discover your next outfit with our step-by-step guides based on all the best male movie, TV, and video game characters.


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The Best DIY Costume Ideas for Men in 2024

The top place to find the best costume costume and cosplay ideas for men and boys. We have everything guys need to make unique and mind-blowing DIY costumes for Halloween, cosplay events, or dress-up parties. From the best movie and TV show characters to video game icons, there is something for everyone. So save time and money and look your absolute best with the greatest costume ideas for men anywhere on the internet.

Male Costume Inspiration

We personally know it’s not always easy for men to find good outfit ideas. That’s why we created this dedicated category, specifically designed to help you look (and feel) your very best for your next costume event. Flying solo, as a couple, family, or looking for friend group costume ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether you just want an excuse to dress to the nines like John Wick, be the coolest guy in the room as Tyler Durden from Fight Club or Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, let your nerd flag fly with an impeccably authentic Back to the Future costume, or show everyone you’re the life of the party with a hilarious Rick and Morty outfit, we have a look for you.

What kind of outfit are you looking for? If your jam is funny costume ideas, we have hundreds. Check out our South Park and Simpsons outfit roundups for all the inspiration you need. Both are full of super easy DIY outfits and offer enough versatility and scope for your friends or partner to get involved with. If you’re more of a sitcom fan then absolute classics like Arrested Development and Seinfeld offer more than enough fun and unique costume ideas for you to make an impression. Lindsay and Tobias Bluth were the TikTok viral sensation of the year, long may they reign! Apologies, it appears we just blued ourselves…

Are you in a hurry? We’ve all been there. You think you still have weeks to get your Halloween costume ready and then BAM, it’s this weekend. Or how about those parties that you don’t realize are actually themed until the last minute? Don’t panic! our Easy Costume Guides are specifically designed to get you out of a pickle. For some unbeatable childhood nostalgia, we have easy costume ideas like Eustace Bagge from Courage the Cowardly Dog, Pacha from The Emperor’s New Groove, or Scar from The Lion King. Each costume can be made with 5 accessories or fewer and on the cheap too. Plus, all three are primed to become the perfect couples costume ideas with Muriel Bagge, Chicha, and Rafiki DIY outfit guides all ready to go.

Perhaps you’re more of a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan? In that case, we’d have to recommend checking out our Walking Dead Negan and Rick costume guides, Grand Admiral Thrawn from Disney’s Ahsoka, or maybe one of our Fallout ideas such as the Vault Dweller or Preston Garvey. What’s that? Excuse us for one moment, another settlement requires assistance…

The point we are trying to make: we have the best costume ideas for men of all sizes, ages, and interests. Find all your favorite male characters from the most popular movies, television shows, and video games. These are the best costume ideas for guys who like to go the extra mile and put on a real show!