Restore the Dark Lord to power and put an end to the Muggle Scourge with this classic Lucius cosplay guide

Lucius Malfoy costume

How To Dress Like Lucius Malfoy

As the patriarchal head of the pure-blood Malfoy family and one of the most devoted followers of Lord Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy is one of the most formidable antagonists of the wizarding world.

It also just so happens that Lucius’s costume design is positively showstopping. From where to get the most intimidating full-length black coat to those silky blonde locks, this is everything you need to make your own killer Lucius Malfoy costume.


Lucius Malfoy (Harry Potter) DIY costume guide

1. COAT – We love an opportunity to let our dark side out. This Lucius Malfoy costume looks positively villainous with a full-length black coat acting as the centrepiece. A steampunk cosplay coat is perfect for this look and we have highlighted our favorite but it’s worth having a look at the other options available to see which one suits you best.

2. TROUSERS – Add a pair of matching black trousers. We went for a similarly styled pair of steampunk pants with the same subtle patterning.

3. RING – This handmade ring is an exact replica of the one worn by Lucius and the rest of the Slitherin-loyal Malfoy family.

4. SHIRT – Under his coat, Lucius wears a crisp white shirt with cuffed wrists.

5. BROOCH – This pendant is also an exact replica of the one worn by Lucius just below his neck: A coiled snake eating an amber stone. Just note that while reviews are generally positive, some cosplayers have said the brooch was smaller than expected.

6. TATTOO – This temporary Death Eater tattoo is a symbol of your true allegiance. Lucius Malfoy wears his on his forearm. This is a 6-pack set so ideal if you have more Death Eater friends joining you in the shadowy wizard underworld.

7. NECKLACE – While not identical to the one worn by Lucius, this Death Eater necklace is another fantastic accessory that adds a little more nuance and detail to your cosplay.

8. LUCIUS WAND – One of the coolest and most unique wands in the whole wizarding world, Lucius hides his in a walking cane with an ornate snake hilt. This replica wand/cane prop is an absolute must!

9. BLONDE WIG – It would seem serving the dark side does wonders for your hair health! Lucius has some of the most luscious blonde locks we have ever seen and so will you (with the help of a quality wig).


As part of the pureblood Malfoy family, Lucius is a wealthy and highly influential figure within the wizarding community. Married to Narcissa Malfoy and father of Draco, Lucius’s belief in pure-blood wizard supremacy and disdain for muggles made him a natural Death Eater and ally of the Dark Lord.

His disdain for ‘lesser beings’, coupled with his affinity for dark magic, makes him a formidable and feared antagonist throughout the series. Lucius’s elitist views and desire to see Voldemort returned to power, also make him one of the most devoted followers, rivaled perhaps only by the devotion of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Despite his villainous tendencies, his love for his family also makes him a conflicted character as he finds himself torn between what he sees as his true purpose, and the wellbeing of his son, Draco Malfoy.


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As one of the most formidable villains of the Harry Potter universe, Lucius Malfoy is a super popular cosplay option for fans of the series. With Narcissa and Draco Malfoy rounding out the morally dubious pure-blood family, this is also a great option for friends or families looking to embrace the darker side of the wizarding world.

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