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Sink your teeth into one of the best gender-bending Mario characters with our stunning Chompette cosplay

Chompette cosplay

How To Dress Like Chompette

What would Chain Chomp look like if he was a human woman? If you guessed a sexy goth girl dressed head-to-toe in black and wearing shackles then you guessed right!

The fan-made Chain Chompette character quickly became a viral sensation amongst the cosplay community upon its creation and continues to be a popular outfit choice today. This is our own special take on this now iconic imagined character. From the perfect dress to how to make Chomp’s teeth and mouth motif, this is everything you need to know to make the best Chain Chompette costume for yourself.


Chain Chompette (Mario) costume guide

1. DRESS – We started our Chompette cosplay with a plain black and flowy mini dress. This gave us the space to comfortably wear a frilled red skirt underneath.

2. SKIRT – Speaking of which, this frilly red skirt acts to replicate Chomper’s perpetually chomping mouth. Worn under our dress with approximately two inches sticking out underneath.

3. FABRIC – This next step requires a bit of crafting DIY. Cut a zig-zag pattern and either sew or glue to the underside of the bottom of your dress. This will act as Chompette’s teeth.

4. BALL AND CHAIN – Where would any Chompette cosplay be without a ball and chain? We decided to keep things nice and simple here and simply buy a readymade chain rather than make our own.

5. GLOVES – Add a sexy pair of elbow-length leather gloves for an irresistible touch of boldness.

6. LEGGINGS – Ripped tights or jeans will both work perfectly well for this Chompette outfit. You could even make your own if you have an old pair of pants lying around at home.

7. CHAINS – Is there anything sexier than a sturdy pair of shackles? These chains look just fine on their own but you might want to spraypaint them black if you’re looking to make the best cosplay possible.

8. FOX EARS – This is an optional accessory as Chompette is not always depicted with furry animal ears. We just couldn’t resist the opportunity!

9. CROWN – Chain Chompette’s crown is very similar to the one worn by Bowsette, so we figured it would work just fine for this costume too.

10. FOOTWEAR – Finally, a heavy-duty pair of combat boots or chunky heels are the finishing touch this stunning look deserves!


Chain Chompette gained popularity alongside Bowsette as another fan-made character based on the gender-bending concept of “Rule 63”. In this case, imagining what the popular Super Mario enemy Chain Chomper would look like as a female woman.

Like Bowsette, despite not being an official Nintendo character, Chompette gained enormous popularity within the cosplay community.

She is typically depicted as wearing a black dress that loosely resembles a Chain Chomp, as well as shackles, ripped leggings, and long black gloves.

More DIY 'Chain Chompette' Cosplay Ideas

Just like Bowsette, Chain Chompette is another brilliant fan-made character who proves just how incredibly creative the Mario fanbase really is!

We love this look for its heavy use of chains, gothic undertones, and feminine strength. What more could you ask for from a cosplay?

This is our unique take on this imagined character but there are so many ways to interpret this look. If you’re still looking for more ideas then be sure to check out more of our favorite Chompette costumes from across the world of Pinterest. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed!