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Collect those bananas and swing like a pro with our step-by-step Diddy Kong costume guide

Diddy Kong costume

How To Dress Like Diddy Kong

He might not be as big and tough as his uncle but Diddy Kong makes up for that with his agile movement and undeniable charm. This is one of our favorite outfit ideas from our Mario Costume Collection precisely because it is slightly more unusual.

And with so few accessories needed to make it work, it is also one of our easiest! From his iconic red tee to the best monkey outfit we could find, we show you everything you need to make your own Diddy Kong cosplay.


Diddy Kong (Mario) DIY costume

1. T-SHIRT – We start our super easy Diddy Kong costume with his iconic red tee, complete with those immediately recognizable gold stars. We recommend ordering a size up so that it will fit comfortably over your monkey outfit.

2. MONKEY ONESIE – Speaking of which, this all-in-one monkey outfit is functional and comfy – win-win! Ready swing into the party and climb into bed at the same time.

3. CAP – Add a plain red baseball cap. Alternatively, if you would like a cap with the Nintendo logo then there are some great options on Etsy.

4. SLIPPERS – If you hope to scale those trees in search of bananas, we suggest getting yourself some monkey feet up to the task.

5. BANANA – Finally, where would any Diddy Kong costume be without a banana or two? 


Diddy Kong is the nephew of Donkey Kong and first appeared in Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

He is much smaller and more agile than his uncle and is typically depicted wearing a red baseball cap embossed with the Nintendo logo and a red T-shirt with yellow stars.

Since his debut, he has become a beloved Super Mario character and has appeared in multiple popular spinoffs including Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and Mario Party.

With just 5 accessories needed to make this Diddy outfit, this is one of our most popular last-minute costume ideas.

More DIY 'Diddy Kong' Costume Ideas

He might not be quite as popular as his bigger, stronger uncle but we think Diddy Kong deserves some love too!

With just 5 accessories, this Diddy Kong costume is super easy to make at home, making it ideal for a last-minuted Halloween party or Mario themed event.

Still not convinced? Check out more of our favorite outfits on Pinterest, as well as the rest of our Mario costume collection for some extra inspiration.