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The beauty of Princess Peach meets the strength of Bowser in this incredible fanmade Bowsette cosplay idea

Bowsette costume

How To Dress Like Bowsette

The fan-made Bowsette character took the internet by storm when it first hit the internet back in 2018. A sexy and seductive blend of two of Mario’s most iconic characters, Bowser and Princess Peach, Bowsette is the gender-bending character mashup we never knew we needed.

Over the years, countless cosplayers have put their own spin on this amazing outfit. Now, we throw our hat into the ring with our own take on a fun Bowsette costume. It’s punky, it’s sexy, and it’s one of our favorite cosplays to date! Find everything you need to make your own outfit here.


Bowsette (Mario) cosplay guide

1. BODYSUIT – As a fanmade character, there is plenty of room for interpretation when it comes to making your own Bowsette outfit. She has been depicted wearing long gothic dresses, sexy bodysuits, and even lingerie. For our outfit, we went with a formfitting and lacey bodysuit to mirror the heavy punk inspiration we took for the rest of the look.

2. BROOCH – Most Bowsette interpretations have one thing in common: a purple gem as a focal point for the whole outfit. A costume brooch is perfect here.

3. GLOVES – We loved these satin opera gloves for their light sheen and the touch of class they bring to this look.

4. SOCKS – Add a matching pair of socks or tights. Alternatively, fishnet stockings also work well for an even steamier look.

5. GARTER BELTS – We’ll take any excuse to wear a garter belt. These sexy belts are finished with spikes and hearts metalware for the perfect blend of Princess Peach’s and Bowser’s styles.

6. CHOKER – Spiked chokers and wristbands to match the garter belt and our Bowsette costume is really starting to take shape!

7. SKIRT – This is an optional accessory but for our Bowser cosplay we went for a slit maxi skirt and cut the front off to create our own waist cloak.

8. BOOTS – Again, the choice of footwear is entirely up to you. We went for chunky heel boots (Don’t judge us, maybe we never quite moved on from our punk phase). High heels will also work perfectly well with this look.

9. WIG – Have you ever seen a more perfect wig for a cosplay? If you’re not a natural blonde and don’t feel like dying your hair then we could not recommend this wig enough.

10. PIXIE EARS – Like Bowser, Bowsette is typically depicted with pointy ears.

11. HORNS – These cosplay horns have been made specifically for a Bowsette costume and they are just brilliant. Simple to clip on and they look fantastic!

12. GREEN SHELL – A spiky green shell just like Bowser’s is a must-have accessory in our opinion. Note: this backpack is child-size so don’t expect to be able to carry too much but the smaller size just adds to the overall cuteness of this look.

13. CROWN – This crown is also made specifically for a Bowsette cosplay and looks identical to the one she is typically depicted wearing.

14. FAKE FANGS – Finally, get yourself a set of fake vampire teeth for your upper incisors and your sexy Bowsette costume is ready to go!


Bowsette is a fanmade Mario character who first appeared on Twitter courtesy of a comic strip posted by user @ayyk92, who imagined Princess Peach as a Bowser-like being, merging two of the most popular characters from Super Mario Bros.

The concept of Bowsette quickly took the internet by storm in 2019, becoming a viral sensation. Many interpretations of Bowsette have since become popular, with various fanmade art depicting her with or without Bowser’s horns, shell, and tail.

Despite not being an official Nintendo character, the Bowsette costume has become a phenomenon within the cosplaying community. Full of punk attitude and undeniable sex appeal, it’s not hard to see why!

More DIY 'Bowsette' Cosplay Ideas

From the moment Bowsette burst onto the scene as an inspired piece of fan art, she became a cosplaying phenomenon with women (and even a few men) eager to flaunt their own unique take on this character.

Bowsette gripped the imagination of the Mario community more than any other fanmade character before or since. Even now, this cosplay remains a hugely popular option at comic cons and themed parties.

We have given you our own unique take with a fun and sexy Bowsette costume that exudes punk attitude and feminine strength. Still not convinced? Check out more of our favorite Bowsette outfits for even more inspiration!