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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Mario Characters

When Mario first launched in 1985, home video game systems were still very much in their infancy. Sure, there were gaming consoles before the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but they felt like they belonged to only the most hardcore gamers and tech nerds.

Mario changed all that. With its accessible but challenging gameplay and colorful cast of instantly iconic characters. We can debate all day over whether Nintendo’s mascot or SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog was the better franchise growing up but one thing is for sure: Super Mario started it all.

Now we celebrate gaming history in our own small way: with a roundup of some of our favorite Super Mario costume ideas of all time. We’ve all seen the staples like Mario, Peach, and Luigi so we wanted to do something a little different.

Each of these characters has brought something special to the Mario franchise over the years. Some are iconic enemies, others are side characters who deserve more of the limelight, and others still are fan-made creations who embody the enduring legacy that Mario has had on geek culture. 

Toad costume



Sure, Mario might get all the limelight but isn’t Toad the real unsung hero of the Mushroom Kingdom? After all, it was Toad who employed the services of Mario in the first place when Bowser did away with his beloved Princess Peach.

One of the most recognizable side characters in gaming history, Toad wears a comical mushroom hat and something akin to what you might expect a genie to wear. Inexplicably for a diplomatic, he is almost always shirtless…

This is, by far, one of the easiest costume ideas from our Super Mario collection. Requiring no more than 3 accessories, this is the perfect last-minute outfit idea. Could it also be part of one of our cutest couple’s costumes?…

Toadette costume



Move aside Princess Peach, the real royalty of Mushroom Kingdom is coming through. Seriously though, how adorable is Toadette?!

Much like her male counterpart, Toad, this is a really straightforward costume to make for yourself. Sure, you will have to pick up a shirt this time (or dress, in our case) but all the accessories are easy to source.

Plus, Toad and Toadette might just be one of our absolute favorite couple costume ideas ever! Forget Mario and Peach, let’s make more Toad couples happen guys.

Piranha Plant (Mario) costume



Okay, this is where things get a little more unusual. Have you ever dreamed of dressing up like the Piranha Plant from Super Mario? NO?! We completely understand…

Think about it though, what could be funnier than a human-sized plant (complete with a human-sized plant pot) walking into a party and attempting to take a bite out of all those tasty, tasty humans?

Still not convinced? Maybe this costume was more for us in the end. If we have piqued your interest though then be sure to check out our step-by-step costume guide for everything you need.

Bowsette costume



Bowsette is a fan-made Super Mario character who took the cosplaying world by storm when she was first created in 2019. Imagine a seductive cross between Bowser and Princess Peach, how could we not fall in love with this look?

This outfit takes a bit more work than some of the other costumes on this list but boy is it worth it! As a fan-fiction character, there is also plenty of room for you to put your own unique spin on this now-iconic character.

Check out our personal take on this look and find everything you need to make your own with our step-by-step cosplay guide.

Diddy Kong costume



Diddy Kong is the annoying little nephew you can’t help but love. Sure, his uncle Donkey Kong might be bigger and stronger but Diddy always manages to steal the show with his quirky charm and cheeky antics.

Another easy Mario costume idea, Diddy Kong is little more than a monkey in a cap and T-shirt. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. You might want a banana or two to keep you going but it really doesn’t take much to make an amazing Diddy Kong cosplay.

From his iconic tee to a replica, vintage Nintendo cap, there’s no monkeying around with us!

Chompette costume



Chain Chompette is another fan creation who gained cosplay stardom around the same time as Bowsette. This time, we imagine what the iconic Mario enemy Chain Chomper would look like if he was a sexy scene girl. Again, what’s not to love?!

We think this outfit is a little easier to make than Bowsette but it does still require a little DIY work. The results speak for themselves though. Just check out some of our favorite Chain Chompette cosplays in our guide if you’re not yet convinced.

If you have a similarly Mario-obsessed friend and you’re looking for matching costume ideas, then Bowsette and Chompette are definitely two of our favorites!


Goomba costume



All the way back in 1985, the first enemy we encountered in Super Mario Bros. was the modest Goomba and from that moment on we knew we had stumbled into something magical. 

Since then, Mario has proliferated into arguably the biggest video game franchise of all time, spawning countless beloved spinoffs, cartoons, and feature-length movies.

It all started right here with the Goomba. Now, you can become a part of gaming history with your own hilarious Goomba cosplay from Mario. Simple, effective, iconic.

Shy Guy costume



He might be shy but this guy has developed a cult following like no other. Shy Guy was first introduced in Super Mario Bros. 2 and proved that Nintendo’s titular mascot was going to be so much more than a one-hit wonder.

This simple costume is instantly recognizable, despite being little more than a generic ghost mask and a baggy red hoodie. You are in good company with a Shy Guy costume, we found hundreds of cosplayers and Halloween lovers who have recreated this beloved look.

For everything you need, including a replica mask and the perfect hoodie, check out our easy outfit guide here!