Show Mario who the really master of the pipes is with this hilarious DIY Piranha Plant costume

Piranha Plant costume

How To Dress Like a Piranha Plant

One of Mario’s most challenging adversaries, the Piranha Plant has been with us ever since the original Super Mario Bros. Anyone who grew up with a NES remembers the fear of approaching a green pipe, just waiting to see whether this little guy would pop out and try to eat us whole.

Now you can bring that terror to life with a human adult-sized Piranha Plant costume of your very own! Super easy to make and one of our funniest Mario costume ideas to date. This is everything you need to know.


Piranha Plant (Mario) DIY costume guide

1. PIRANHA HAT – We started our look with this hilarious cosplay hat. Cheap and effective, we love it!

2. PLANT POT – Jump into your plant pot and be prepared to jump out at any Mario brother who dares to get a little too close to your chompers.

3. VINES – Next, wrap some artificial vines around your arms to give that leafy look. You are a plant in your prime, after all.

4. GREEN BODYSUIT – You’re leafy, you’re green, and you’re ready to party. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to wear a full spandex body suit?

5. GHOST PLUSH – Because spending your life inside a pipe can get lonely, bring a friend along with this adorable boo plush.


The Piranha Plant is one of the most recognizable enemies of the Super Mario series. It made its first appearance in the original Super Smash Bros. game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and has appeared in every mainline game since.

His main habitat is green plumbing pipes from which he emerges and attempts to eat anyone that comes too close. Several variants have been introduced since the original game including Ice Piranha Plant and Fire Piranha plant.

If you’re looking for a more unusual DIY Mario costume idea then this could be the one for you. It’s certainly one of our favorites from our Funny Outfit Range.

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Looking for a funny costume idea that will make passerbys stop and look twice? Look no further than a human-sized piranha plant!

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