It’s about time Goomba got his chance to stomp Mario with this hilarious and easy DIY costume idea

Goomba costume

How To Dress Like a Goomba

Poor Goomba, he has a tough life. It’s a bad day when you’re just taking a stroll minding your own business and a plumber in a red jumpsuit decides to jump on your head.

Goomba has played second fiddle to Mario for too long! This funny outfit idea is all about putting the spotlight on one of the most iconic video game enemies of all time. With just 6 everyday accessories, we show you step-by-step how to make our super simple goomba costume.


Goomba (Mario) DIY costume

1. SWEATER – To begin our look we went for a plain brown V-neck sweater.

2. PANTS – Next, add a pair of light khaki pants to get that recognizable contrast between Goomba’s head and body.

3. SLIPPERS – Any excuse to wear slippers to a party, are we right? If you have a large pair of comfy brown slippers then that would be perfect!

4. BEANIE – Slippers and a beanie? Now we really are spoiling you. Any brown, knitted hat will suffice.

5. EYEBROWS – Forever furious at his lot in life (we would be too if we were just minding our business and some plumber jumped on our heads) Goomba’s eyebrows are frozen into a perpetual frown.

6. FANGS – To recreate Goomba’s lower fangs, get yourself a set of fake vampire teeth with dental adhesive. Trust us, they look fantastic!



Goombas are iconic characters that have appeared alongside Mario ever since the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES in 1985.

They are small, brown mushroom-like characters with oversized feet but no arms. They are vulnerable to being stomped on their heads (aren’t we all?) and are one of the main enemies faced by Mario and his friends.

Throughout the Mario series there have been several different variations of Goombas including Paragoombas, Micro Goombas, and Galoombas.

More DIY 'Goomba' Costume Ideas

Would you believe us if we said Goomba is actually quite a popular Mario costume idea? We didn’t believe it until we saw all the amazingly creative outfits on Pinterest.

For our look, we decided to keep things simple with everyday accessories that capture the essence of Goomba. What he would look like in a live-action perhaps?

However, if you want to create a more true Goomba costume, we highly recommend checking out some of our favorite cosplays for more inspiration!