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Save Princess Peach and Mushroom Kingdom with this easy DIY Toad costume idea

Toad costume

How To Dress Like Toad

Sure, Princess Peach might be the leader of Mushroom Kingdom but where would she be without her trusty servant? Toad has been a staple of the Super Mario Bros. series ever since he first employed the skills of Mario to save his beloved Princess from Bowser.

This is a really easy costume to make at home. From an iconic mushroom hat all your own to the perfect genie-esque outfit, we show you everything you need to make the perfect Toad cosplay.


1. HAT – Could we start our guide anywhere else? Toad’s mushroom hat is almost as iconic as Mario’s and we love it!

2. VEST & PANTS – This accessory set is perfect for Toad. Both the waistcoat and the pants are high quality and inexpensive, with these and the hat you are pretty much ready to go!

3. SHOES – Any pair of plain brown shoes will work just fine for this outfit. Because Toad is Princess Peach’s right-hand man, we went for a suitably formal pair of Oxford lace-ups.

4. MUSHROOM PLUSH – Lend Mario a hand with this adorable mushroom plushie.

5. GREEN SHELL – Alternatively, a green shell is another great costume accessory. Look out Mario Karters, Toad is packing heat!


Toad first appeared in the original Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985.

He is a loyal follower and servant of Princess Peach, who oversees the whole of Mushroom Kingdom. Although multiple are often seen and all look visually similar, there does seem to be one particular Toad who acts as their leader and spokesperson.

Although a great costume on its own, Toad and Toadette make for one of our absolute favorite couple’s costume ideas!

More DIY 'Toad' Costume Ideas

Although initially little more than a side character, Toad has become and endearing and beloved part of the Super Mario Bros. world in his own right.

Requiring no more than 3 accessories, this is a quick and easy outfit idea for any fans of the Mario series. It also makes for a truly adorable couple’s costume idea with Toadette!

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