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Dress like Shy Guy from Super Mario with as few as two accessories with our step-by-step costume guide

Shy Guy costume

How To Dress Like Shy Guy

He might be a little shy but he is definitely our guy! Shy Guy is a beloved Mario enemy and a hugely popular costume idea. We can’t say we’re surprised, he is truly iconic.

From where to find the best Shy Guy mask to the perfect hoodie for this look, we show you everything you need to make a real impression at your next themed party.


Shy Guy (Mario) DIY costume

1. MASK – This look can be made at home with only two essential accessories. One of which is this authentic white mask, complete with that signature mouth and wide eyes.

2. HOODIE – The next essential accessory is a plain red hoodie. We recommend going a size up to get that suitably baggy fit.

3. MITTENS – While we want to make the most Shy Guy outfit possible, we would also like to retain the use of our thumbs. The solution? A pair of mittens. of course!

4. BELT – Add a black or brown leather belt with a prominent gold buckle.

5. SHOES – Next, you will want a pair of plain blue shoes. Preferably with a sturdy sole for all that back-and-forth shuffling you’re about to do.

6. PANTS – Lastly, a pair of plain blue chinos or jeans round out our adorable Shy Guy.



Shy Guys are recognized for their distinctive appearance: they wear red robes and a white mask that conceals most of their face.

First introduced in Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES (released in 1988), Shy Guy has become a staple of the Mario world and one of the most recognizable enemies alongside Goombas and the Piranha Plant.

All you really need to make this costume is a red hoodie and a Shy Guy mask, making this one of our easiest costume ideas, perfect for a last-minute party.

More DIY 'Shy Guy' Costume Ideas

For a franchise spanning almost 40 years which has spawned countless memorable characters, the mute Shy Guy has done well to distinguish himself as one of the most recognizable enemies in Mario.

This is a super popular costume idea for men and women and because it is so easy to make, it is just perfect for those last-minute costume parties or Halloween obligations.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out more of our favorite Shy Guy cosplays from Pinterest!