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The best DIY costume guides for all your favorite video game characters. Search for your dream outfit idea or find inspiration with our fun and easy cosplay tutorials.

Top DIY Costume Ideas for Your Favorite Video Game Characters (2024)

Are you a hardcore gamer? Looking for the best video game-inspired costume for your next party or cosplay event? Well, look no further! With our straightforward and inspired step-by-step outfit guides, you have everything you could possibly need. From mainstream game characters to the most obscure and spanning every genre, we have something for everyone.

The only question is; what’s your game of choice? For our beat-em-up fans, might we suggest one of our many video game costume guides from the latest Street Fighter? Luke Sullivan is a particular favorite of ours, as is Marisa

Alternatively, for RPG fans we have the most comprehensive costume guides for the typical Fallout Vault Dweller, as well as everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic sheriff, Preston Garvey. Rumor has it that another settlement needs your help as we speak.

For women, we also have tons of fun and sexy costume ideas spanning everything Movie, TV, and Video Game related. Less of a Street Fighter fan and more Mortal Kombat? Our Kitana and Jade costumes are super easy ideas to make at home, even last minute. If neither of those tickle your gamer bone then the Quiet cosplay guide from MGS: V is a personal favorite of ours.

Whatever your gaming preference, we have made it our mission to make your next Halloween, cosplay event or costume party the best one yet!