Dress like the most beautiful Pokemon of all time with this stunning Gardevoir cosplay

Gardevoir cosplay

How To Dress Like Gardevoir

Gardevoir is a Psychic-type Pokemon with a deep empathetic connection to fellow Pokemon and trainers alike. She also just happens to be renowned for her exquisite beauty and elegance.

That sounds like a homerun for any Pokemon cosplayer to us! From the most elegant dress we could find to a unique yet simple spin on her distinctive look, this is everything you need to know to make your own Gardevoir cosplay.


Gardevoir (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – Gardevoir is known for her elegance and unmatched beauty in the Pokemon world and that’s what this cosplay is all about. We started with a stunning flowy maxi dress with a deep V-neck and side slit.

2. SHAWL – Next, add either a green shawl, cardigan or something similar.

3. LEGGINGS – With a slit dress you can show off your green leggings and create a similar effect to the green lining of Gardevoir’s dress.

4. NECKLACE – Because we were going for an elegant look with our Gardevoir cosplay outfit, we reinterpreted the triangle chest piece as a beautiful ruby red pendant.

5. GLOVES – A pair of silk opera gloves went perfectly with our matching silk shawl.

6. HAIR DYE – Finally, apply some temporary green hair dye (don’t worry, it washes out easily) and your stunning Gardevoir cosplay is ready to go!


Gardevoir is a Psychic– and Fairy-type Pokemon species known for its elegant and humanoid appearance. It typically has a white body with a long flowing gown and red eyes and is renowned in the Pokemon world for its beauty and grace.

Gardevoir is the final evolution in the line, evolved from Kirlia, which itself is evolved from Ralts. Kirlia can also evolve into Gallade when exposed to a Dawn stone, which is a male-exclusive evolution.

Possessing powerful psychic abilities, Gardevoir has a strong sense of empathy and will protect its trainer with unwavering loyalty. It also has the ability to perceive the future and sense the emotions of others.

More DIY 'Gardevoir' Cosplay Ideas

Are you looking for a genuine showstopper of a cosplay? This Gardevoir outfit is without a doubt the most visually stunning idea from our Sexy Pokemon Costume Collection! Looking resplendent in an elegant full-length white dress and satin green accents, what’s not to love?!

We are not the first to try and recreate this beautiful Pokemon in cosplay form. If you are still looking for more inspiration, we would recommend checking out more of our favorite DIY Gardevoir outfits from Pinterest, many of which inspired this guide.