Make those sparks fly with this fun and easy Sexy Pikachu outfit

Sexy Pikachu costume

How To Dress Like Pikachu

Pokemon’s cuddly and adorable mascot has never looked this electrifying! As if any of us needed another reason to fall in love with Pikachu, this fun and seductive look is truly irresistible.

With just 6 accessories, we show you how to dress like your favorite Pokemon. Perfect for last-minute parties or naughty Halloween nights. Is there a trainer out there lucky enough to catch you when you look this good?


Sexy Pikachu (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. CROP TOP – This sexy Pikachu is incredibly easy to make at home. Simply start with a yellow crop top or similar. We went for a cute, plunge V-neck top with ribbed detailing to mimic Pikachu’s yellow fur.

2. SKIRT – Next, we added a matching pleated mini skirt. How short you go here is up to you and just how naughty you want your Pikachu outfit to be!

3. TAIL AND EARS – This officially licensed ears headband and tail are fantastic quality, great value for money, and just what you need to bring this look to life.

4. FACE PAINT – Few costumes need such basic face painting skills as this Pikachu outfit. All you need is some red face paint to draw two rosy circles on your cheeks.

5. FOOTWEAR – What shoes you go for is entirely up to you. We decided on these over-the-knee boots in faux fur.

6. LINGERIE – Do you want to make a Pokemon fan’s dreams come true? Then this lacey, Pikachu-inspired lingerie set is an absolute must!


Pikachu is the most recognizable creature from the Pokemon franchise, serving as its adorable mascot and the companion of the main character, Ash Ketchum.

He/she is an Electric-type Pokemon with yellow fur, long ears, and a lightning-bolt-shaped tail with black tips. Pikachu has the ability to generate powerful lightning strikes from its red cheeks.

The popularity of the character has resulted in several spinoffs from the main series including Detective Pikachu and Let’s Go, Pikachu!

More DIY 'Pikachu' Cosplay Ideas

As arguably the most beloved Pokemon, Pikachu is an incredibly popular costume option for women looking for a fun, sexy and easy outfit to wear. Whether for Halloween, themed-parties, or Comic-con events, this is a staple that you can depend on to make an electric impression.

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