How to Dress Like Your Favorite Eevee Evolution

Eevee might look like your average Pokemon but it is hiding a remarkable ability that goes unmatched by any other creature in the Pokemon universe. Eevee now has a total of 8 possible evolutions! All captured by meeting various requirements such as achieving high friendship or holding a certain item.

From classics like the Water-type Pokemon Vaporeon or Electric-type Jolteon to newer types such as the Grass-type Leafeon, everyone has their favorite Eevee evolution.

And you can find them all right here! Dress like your favorite Pokemon character with our 9 step-by-step cosplay tutorials covering all possible evolutions and, of course not forgetting, Eevee itself!

Eevee cosplay



Eevee #133 is a seemingly ordinary Normal-type Pokemon with an exceptional ability to evolve into no less than 8 (?!) different forms, each with its own unique type and abilities.

This unique power, unmatched in the Pokemon world, has made Eevee a particularly popular Pokemon amongst fans of the series.

It also means Eevee offers something for every type of cosplayer! Whatever your personality, favorite season, or color, it all starts here…

Umbreon cosplay



Umbreon #197 is the Dak-type evolution of Eevee, triggered when Eevee reaches high friendship with its trainer during the night.

Thanks to its distinctive black and yellow color scheme, this Umbreon costume is both easy to make at home and super popular among cosplayers looking for a sleek and eye-catching look.

Discover everything you need to recreate this look, from a cute black bodysuit to the best fabric paint, with our step-by-step tutorial!

Sylveon costume



Sylveon #700 is a relative late-comer to the Eevee evolution roster. First introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon games (X and Y), Sylveon is a Fairy-type evolution renowned for its elegance and beauty.

The conditions needed to gain a Sylveon are high friendship or affection during the daytime and Eevee knowing at least one Fairy-type move prior to evolution.

This might just be the cutest costume idea in this collection! Made with a beautiful summer dress, pink accessories, and an adorable ears and neckpiece accessory set.



Espeon #196 is a Psychic-type Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver games for the Game Boy Color. It has a sleek and elegant appearance with lavender-colored fur and a red gemstone in the center of its forehead.

Like many of Eevee’s evolution outfits, this is a particularly popular look not only for cosplayers but also for festival-goers and ravers! Is it any surprise? This look is absolutely stunning!

Discover everything you need to make this quick and easy costume here…

Vaporeon costume



Vaporeon #134 is a Water-type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee while it is holding a Water Stone. It has a predominantly blue body of waterproof fur, with fin-like ears and a mermaid-like tail.

As a Pokemon, Vaporeon is a popular choice for trainers thanks to its exceptionally high HP and Special Attack stats.

As a cosplay option, Vaporeon is beloved for its distinctive appearance and beautiful, deep-blue tones. This is another easy costume idea that is popular among a wide range of cosplay and festival lovers!

Flareon costume



Flareon #136 is one of the original Eevee evolutions first introduced in the original Pokemon games, Red and Blue released for the Game Boy.

Known for its fiery appearance, featuring bright orange fur and a bushy mane and tail which it uses to cool itself down after reaching incredible internal temperatures. Eevee evolves into Flareon while it is holding a Fire Stone.

Our Flareon outfit features a bold orange corset and mini skirt combination, along with a beautiful red-orange-yellow wig that looks like your hair is ablaze with the fire of the sun!

Glaceon costume



Glaceon #471, otherwise known as the Fresh Snow Pokemon, is an Ice-type Pokemon that can freeze the fur on its body and use it as sharp, needle-like armor. Glaceon can also freeze the air in its immediate vicinity just by dropping its body temperature.

Eevee evolves into Glaceon while holding an Ice Rock, which was introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games (Diamond and Pearl).

This cool-as-ice Glaceon costume is super easy to make at home with a stunning tutu and icey crop-top combination. Discover everything you need with our step-by-step guide!

Jolteon costume



Jolteon #135 is another one of the original Eevee evolutions, introduced in Pokemon Blue and Red as an Electric-type Pokemon, obtained by having Eevee hold a Thunder Stone and achieving high friendship.

Known for its distinctive yellow fur and spiky white mane, Jolteon is capable of generating an electric charge equivalent to 10,000 volts. It is also known as a difficult Pokemon to befriend and is aptly described as ‘high-strung’.

Another electrifying costume idea, Jolteon is perfect for those warm summer nights when sparks can’t help but fly.



Leafeon #470 is a Grass-type Pokemon described as having more in common with plant life than the average Pokemon. It uses photosynthesis to generate energy and emits a distinctive odor, like that of fallen autumnal leaves.

Become one with nature with this adorable and classy Leafeon costume idea. Consisting of a vintage-design cream dress and jacquard corset, this is a distinctive look that is bound to make an impression wherever you go!

Discover everything you need to make the final Eevee Evolution costume in this list with our easy cosplay guide.