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Become one with nature with this stunningly elegant Leafeon cosplay tutorial

Leafeon cosplay

How To Dress Like Leafeon

Are you looking for an elegant look that looks like it came straight out of a mythical forest? This Leafeon cosplay is full of magic and beauty, perfect for anyone who wants to wear a stunning dress but also get away with a sexy pair of chunky boots!

Dress like Leafeon with our step-by-step tutorial. From the best handmade accessories to a lush corset and dress combination, we have everything you need right here.

Leafeon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – Our Leafeon outfit starts with a beautiful flowy vintage-style dress in a cream color that almost perfectly matches the Pokemon’s fur.

2. CORSET – This green corset with floral patterning and brown lace is absolutely perfect for a leafy Grass-type Pokemon like Leafeon.

3. GLOVES – To recreate Leafeon’s brown feet we used a pair of fingerless brown opera gloves.

4. EARS AND TAIL – We could not recommend this Leafeon cosplay set enough from Etsy. If you don’t want to make your own props then this is a real time saver.

5. BOOTS – Matching our gloves, we went for some stylish brown leather boots!

6. HAIR DYE – Finally, we suggest dyeing the tips of your hair green with some temporary dye to tie this whole look together. And just like that, your Leafeon cosplay is ready to go!


Leafeon #470 is a Grass-type Pokemon – known as the “Verdant Pokemon” – Who was first introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games (Diamond and Pearl).

Eevee evolves into Leafeon when it levels up near a Moss Rock, a special environmental feature introduced in Diamond and Pearl.

Pokedex entry: “It’s cellular composition is closer to that of a plant than an animal. It uses photosynthesis to produce its energy supply without eating food.”

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Attention all nature lovers, this gorgeous Leafeon outfit might just be your favorite cosplay yet! Look stunning in a flowy vintage dress, brown leather, and leafy accents; what’s not to love?

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