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Show those peasants who the real king is with this lavish Disney Prince John cosplay

Disney Prince John cosplay

How To Dress Like Prince John

Looking for a more unusual Disney costume idea? One that is instantly recognizable despite not being seen every day, and is also super easy to make at home? This could be the one for you…

Our Prince John costume could not be easier to make! As an absolute classic, though hugely underappreciated Disney Villain, we feel Robin Hood’s main adversary deserves some love. From the most regal robe to jewels fit for a king, this is how to dress like Disney’s Prince John.

Prince John (Robin Hood) DIY costume guide

1. ROBE – No self-respecting king would be seen dead without his regal robe. This adult-sized red robe with black and white trim is perfect for a Prince John costume.

2. CROWN – Decorated with ornate gems, this crown is fit for any would-be despot who wants to remind his subjects just how much more powerful he is than them.

3. SLIDES – It can be tough having it all. A comfy pair of footwear is well deserved after a long day of raising taxes and spending cash like there’s no tomorrow.

4. SWEATSHIRT – To keep things simple, we went for a simple blue sweatshirt under our robe. You could always use some dark blue fabric paint to make it look more like the one worn by Prince John.

5. GOLD RING – The first of our royal rings features a large tiger eye stone (pretty fitting, right?).

6. RUBY RING – Next, we went for a square ruby-style costume ring.

7. SAPHIRE RING – Finally, we added a sapphire-style ring and, just like that, our royal Prince John costume is ready to go!


Prince John is the primary antagonist in Disney’s beloved animated movie, Robin Hood. He is depicted as a cowardly and greedy aristocrat who places an impossible tax burden on his subjects to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Throughout the film, Prince John is deeply concerned about the return of his brother, King Richard the Lionheart, who he knows would disapprove of the way he has abused the throne in his absence.

Ultimately, Prince John is a classic example of the dangers of excess power and greed, as well as how not to handle a position of authority.

More DIY 'Disney' Costume Ideas for Men

We love this Prince John outfit for its simplicity. Despite only needing 2 or 3 essential accessories, Prince John is an instantly recognizable character for any lovers of old-school Disney. That makes it the perfect look for a last-minute costume party or Halloween event!

Prince John is also a relatively underappreciated Disney villain, great if you are looking for something a little more unique to really impress your friends.

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