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Traverse the seven seas for your true love with this magical DIY Prince Eric cosplay idea

Prince Eric DIY cosplay

How To Dress Like Prince Eric

Anyone who grew up with Ariel and Prince Eric couldn’t help but fall in love with their romantic tale. We all dreamed of finding a similarly smitten, courageous and handsome partner. 

Now you can make a special someone’s dreams come true with this magical Prince Eric costume tutorial. This outfit is super easy to make for yourself and guaranteed to make for one very special and romantic evening!

1. SHIRT – Dressed like a true pirate, Prince Eric rocks a comfy linen shirt with an open collar – presumably to show off his rippling pecs.

2. PANTS – Add a pair of banded cuff pants and you are ready to take to the seven seas in search of your true love.

3. SASH – Finally, a red satin sash adds a touch of class to your Prince Eric costume (he is royalty after all), as well as one of the most recognizable aspects of this look.

4. SPYGLASS – How could you hope to spot the love of your life without a super cool vintage telescopic spyglass?

5. WIG – This short and wavy wig is absolutely perfect for a DIY Prince Eric cosplay!

6. BOOTS – Finish off your outfit and keep your seafaring legs dry with these stylish pirate boot toppers. Note: the shoes are not included, these toppers are to go over a pair of black boots.


Prince Eric is a kind-hearted man who longs for adventure beyond the confines of his royal life.

During a sailing expedition, Prince Eric’s ship encounters a violent storm and he is thrown overboard where he is saved by the mermaid Ariel.

Despite not knowing Ariel’s identity, he finds himself captivated by her beauty and heavenly singing voice. Together, they confront the evil Ursula who has taken Ariel’s voice in exchange for giving her the ability to live on land and together they live happily ever after.

More DIY 'Prince Eric' Costume Ideas

Who is your favorite Disney Prince of all time? For a lot of people, that is an easy choice. Prince Eric was everything we dreamed of for a romantic partner; loyal, brave, and head-over-heels in love with you.

It’s no wonder that Ariel and Prince Eric is hands-down one of our most popular couple costume ideas of all time!

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