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Dress like your favorite television characters with our step-by-step costume guides. Draw inspiration and create perfect look with hundreds of outfits to choose from.

The Best DIY Costume and Cosplay Ideas Based on TV Show Characters (2024)

With whatisXwearing it could not be any easy to find costume inspiration for your favorite television show character. Whether for a costume party, cosplay event, or Halloween, we have hundreds of easy and fun step-by-step outfit guides for you to choose from. Each one has been made and verified by our team to ensure you can pull off the most authentic costumes possible.
Every day we add new costume ideas for men and women to choose from. We have made it our mission to make something for everyone, no matter what genre or type of TV show you are into.
Fancy a trip down memory lane? Try on our beloved childhood show costume ideas like Courage the Cowardly Dog (or Muriel and Eustace if you’re looking for a truly unique couple’s costume idea). Or how about everyone’s favorite meddlesome teenagers? We have costume guides for the entire Scooby Doo gang: From Velma and Daphne to cult-favorite characters like Thorn from the Hex Girls.
And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the cartoon costume ideas we have on offer. Check out our comprehensive outfit guides, covering all your favorite characters from the likes of Spongebob Squarepants, South Park, The Simpsons, and Rick and Morty. The great thing about making a DIY cartoon costume is that it is super easy and you have plenty of artistic license to put your own homemade spin on them.
Not a cartoon fan? Our sitcom cosplay ideas are some of our funniest and most popular costumes. We’re talking absolute classics like Arrested Development, Seinfeld, It’s Always Sunny, and many more.
If you would prefer a more contemporary costume, we have you covered too. From Netflix’s Wednesday Addams to Disney’s Percy Jackson, no character is safe from our costume guide experts. 
With whatisXwearing, there really is no excuse not to look your very best. With a costume so good that anyone would swear they were staring at the real TV character come to life.