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Easy DIY Costume Guides for Rick, Morty, Summer, and More. Find Inspiration for Your Next Out of This World Party

Rick and Morty DIY Costumes

How to Dress Like Your Favorite Character

Once in a generation does an animated series develop such a dedicated cult following as Rick and Morty.

The Grandfather and grandson duo have created countless viral moments over the years from the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce mania to the legendary Pickle Rick. Their interstellar antics have provided some of the most hilarious television moments of the past decade.

Iconic characters? We have plenty to choose from. Rick and Morty offer up countless ideas for hilarious and unique DIY costumes. Many of these outfits are also super easy to make at home with readily available cosplay accessories.

From Rick (in Pickle and human form) to the whole Smith family, these are our favorite Rick and Morty costumes.


Rick Sanchez DIY costume

1. LAB COAT – Our DIY Rick costume starts with a regular lab coat, which can be picked up inexpensively online.

2. PANTS – Rick wears a pair of light brown chinos.

3. SHIRT – Matching his hair, Rick also wears a light blue tee under his lab coat. The scuba blue shirt is a near-identical match to the one he wears.

4. BELT – Add a brown or black belt with a gold rectangle buckle.

5. WIG – There are a few ‘Rick Sanchez costume wigs’ online but we found most to be lacking quality and poorly received. Instead, we went for a very similar anime wig with considerably better reviews than average.

6. SOCKS – Find yourself a pair of white crew or tube socks. If purchasing pants, you might want to go slightly shorter than usual so that your socks are visible, like Rick’s.

7. SHOES – Any pair of black formal shoes will work just fine for this costume.

8. LASER GUN – Now it’s time for the real fun. This foam Rick and Morty costume prop is really authentic and excellent quality for the price.

9. PORTAL GUN – Alternatively, the officially licensed portal gun is another great costume accessory.


Rick Sanchez is the most intelligent scientist and inventor in the universe. His knowledge stretches all major scientific disciplines including physics, biology, and chemistry. His unparalleled intelligence has also exasperated his general cynicism and nihilistic worldview.

Together with his grandson, Morty Smith, the two travel the universe (and parallel dimensions) in search of adventure and resources to help further Rick’s experiments.

Like many real-world geniuses, Rick is an outsider, dependent on alcohol, and struggles to maintain healthy relationships.

Although Rick’s costume requires quite a few accessories, no real DIY is necessary. That makes this a great last-minute cosplay idea.



1.  T-SHIRT – In classic cartoon fashion, Morty largely wears the same, average-boy outfit. Start yours with a plain yellow tee.

2. PANTS – Next, you will need a pair of blue jeans or chinos (either will work just fine).

3. SHOES – Morty wears a pair of white or gray trainers. Another easy costume accessory that you might already have at home.

4. SOCKS – Add some white crew socks just like the ones Morty’s grandfather Rick wears.

5. BACKPACK – Optional accessory but as a not-so-typical schoolboy, Morty does occasionally wear his red school backpack. 

6. WIG – Finally, this Morty wig is absolutely perfect for this costume. The quality is excellent and, with 1000s of positive reviews, you are in good company.


Morty Smith is initially portrayed as a timid and shy school boy. However, through his adventures with his grandfather, Rick, Morty grows to be more assertive and confident. Though, he is still often overwhelmed by the absurdity of their inter-dimensional travels.

Morty’s relationship with Rick is a central theme of the show. While Morty, for the most part, looks up to his grandfather, Rick can often be callous and inconsiderate of Morty’s well-being. This often leads to a strained relationship between the two.

Requiring just six everyday accessories, Morty is another super fun and easy costume idea.



1. TOP – Start your Summer Smith costume with a plain pink tank top. Full-length rather than cropped.

2. SHOES – We love to see a female costume idea with comfy footwear. Summer wears a plain pair of black flats.

3. PANTS – Next, find yourself some white jeans or pants, cropped just above the ankles.

4. WIG – Summer is the ideal costume idea for all you natural redheads out there. If that’s not you and you don’t feel like dying your hair, then a wavy orange wig is perfect. Just tie your hair up in a loose ponytail and you’re ready for adventure!


Summer Smith is initially your typical high school teenager. She spends much of her time preoccupied with relationship drama, school life, and the trials of becoming a young woman.

Although not always involved in the adventures of Rick and Morty, Summer does frequently find herself caught up in their various escapades.

Like Morty, Summer also goes through considerable growth over the course of Rick and Morty. Her teenage angst gives way to a more confident and self-assured personality.

She becomes an inter-dimensional travel in her own right, arguably even more capable than her brother.



1.  PICKLE OUTFIT – To keep things simple, we started our costume with a ready-to-go Pickle Rick outfit. There are plenty of options out there but this one seemed to be the best quality and value for money.

2. GLOVE – Because we couldn’t find an exact replica of Rick’s ripper arms we had to improvise. Hence, Freddy Kruger’s classic knife glove.

3. BELT – Add a utility belt for storing all the batteries and DIY weapons a pickle could ever need.

4. BLOOD – You will need plenty of fake blood, particularly around the top of your arms and legs. Transforming yourself into a pickle is not a clean process.

5. BODY SUIT – The anatomy body suit really is a must for this outfit. Part pickle, part inside-out human: the perfect combination.

6. CABLE – Finally, you might want to add some cable to your knife glove to make it look more like the weapons employed by Rick.


In one of the most memorable Rick and Morty episodes of all time, Rick transforms himself into a pickle to avoid attending a family therapy session.

However, things soon take a dark turn after a cat knocks him off a table and he finds himself stuck in the sewers. 

The rest of the episode contrasts Pickle Rick’s battle for survival with the rest of the family as they share their feelings about him in therapy.

Hands down, Pickle Rick is one of our absolute favorite funny costume ideas.



Jerry and Beth(Rick and Morty) couple costume

1. POLO – Jerry wears a green polo shirt with two horizontal brown stripes. We started our costume with a generic fabric polo.

2. PAINTS – Next, avail yourself of some quality fabric paints. These work best on organic fabrics such as cotton. Paint two brown lines across the chest of your shirt.

3. PANTS – Add a pair of sky-blue chinos or jeans.

4. SHOES – Rounding off Jerry’s DIY costume are some plain black formal shoes. Now put on your most bewildered face and you’re all set!

5. SHIRT – Beth wears a button-down red shirt. Leave the top two or three buttons open for a casual look.

6. WIG – Another great costume idea for natural blondes (or the perfect excuse to dye your hair?). If you would prefer a wig then there are plenty of mid-length options.

7. PANTS –  Beth’s jeans are a darker blue than Jerry’s. That aside, any old pair will do.

8. SHOES – Finally, you will need a casual pair of white sneakers. That’s all there is to this super simple Rick and Morty Couple’s costume!


Jerry and Beth Smith are the parents of Morty and Summer. There relationship is depicted as fairly typical, although Jerry often feels insecure and emasculated by Beth’s assertiveness and Rick’s general disdain for him.

Like the other characters, they both go through a transformation throughout the series. Each learns to handle Rick’s eccentricities while also being more in control of the family unit.

While Rick and Morty are the more traditional couple’s costume idea, Beth and Jerry Smith offer a unique and down-to-earth alternative. Also a great option if you have a large group with more than one couple.

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Rick and Morty might be one of the newer kids on the block when it comes to adult cartoons but there’s no denying the unparalleled cultural impact it has had.

With so many iconic Rick and Morty characters, all of which are just perfect for making into DIY costume, it would be impossible to cover them all.

If you’re still looking for some inspiration, check out more of our favorite outfits that inspired our step-by-step guides.