DIY Costume Guides for Kenny, Stan, Cartman, Kyle and More South Park Characters

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How to Dress Like The Residents of Fairplay

South Park has been dishing out the biggest laughs on TV for over two decades. Now in its 25th season, the shenanigans and wild tribulations of Fairplay feel like they will never end.

Lucky for us, as South Park is a literal treasure trove of golden DIY costume opportunities. From the main cast to beloved returning characters such as Towelie and Mr. Hankie, there are so many potential outfits to choose from.

Most of these costumes are also super easy to make at home, requiring as few as 5 accessories to pull off a great South Park look.

These are our favorite DIY cosplays and how you can make them for yourself.


Kenny (South Park) DIY costume

1. HOOD – Start your DIY Kenny costume with his comically oversized parka hood with fur trim. In our opinion, Concept One do the best cosplay hats for all the central South Park cast.

2. HOODIE – Next, find a plain orange hoodie or sweatshirt. This is a very inexpensive accessory that can be found anywhere.

3. PANTS – Add, a matching pair of orange sweatpants. Again, this is a readily available and inexpensive accessory.

4. GLOVES – The fictional town of Fairplay seems to be in a perpetual state of winter. As such, all the characters are always dressed for the cool weather with toasty winter gloves.

5. SHOES – Finally, a typical pair of black sneakers is all that’s needed to round out this outfit.


Kenny McCormick comes from a lower-income and typically dysfunctional household.

During the earlier South Park seasons, he was most famous for being ‘killed’ in increasingly absurd ways in almost every episode. This established one of the most recognizable catchphrases of the entire series: “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!”

Requiring just 5 simple accessories to complete Kenny is a simple and easy DIY costume idea. Perfect for a last-minute party!


Eric Cartman DIY costume

1. BEANIE – Eric Cartman’s instantly recognizable beanie is the most important accessory for this costume. Once again, we turned to the brilliant Concept One for ours.

2. HOODIE – Start with a simple red hoodie. Consider going a size or two up so that you can stuff it with packaging peanuts or something similar (Cartman is a big boy after all).

3. BUTTONS – This is an optional step but it’s good if you want to make the best DIY Cartman costume possible. You will need 3 extra large buttons to sew onto your hoodie, just to the right of the zipper.

4. PANTS – Next, Cartman wears a pair of dark brown pants. Either jeans or chinos will work just fine.

5. GLOVES – Get yourself a pair of knitted yellow winter gloves.

6. SHOES – Finally, don a simple pair of plain black sneakers and your Cartman costume is ready to go!


Eric Theodore Cartman is an overweight and spoiled child who is doted on by his single mother. Cartman’s real father remains a mystery and has been a recurring gag throughout South Park.

Like the other boys, Cartman is only 8 years old. However, he is shown to have a level of cunning and intelligence that frequently surpasses his peers. This comes in handy when plotting his various schemes, which typically involve manipulating or screwing over others to get what he wants.

We love Cartman as both a character and one of our best funny and simple costume ideas.



Kyle (South Park) costume

1. HAT – Kyle wears a distinctive green trapper hat with ear flaps. Perhaps not the most stylish of accessories but we imagine it comes in handy for those cold winter nights.

2. PANTS – A pair of green winter or yoga pants are perfect for this DIY Kyle costume.

3. HOODIE – To make Kyle’s jacket, we started with a plain orange hoodie just like Kenny’s.

4. MARKERS – Next, using black fabric markers, we drew on Kyle’s two chest pockets. A thick fabric marker is a great tool in general for adding cartoon lines and detailing.

5. GLOVES – Add a pair of knitted green winter gloves or mittens.

6. SHOES – Finally, like all our South Park costumes, you will need a regular pair of black trainers.


Kyle Broflovski is characterized by his strong sense of right and wrong and often serves as the moral compass for the otherwise reckless group of boys.

He frequently expresses concern about the actions of the group and is typically the most level-headed among them. Despite that, he is easily provoked into confrontation, particularly with Eric Cartman.

Kyle’s true friendship with Stan Marsh is often the emotional core of the South Park series and also makes for one of our more unique couple costume ideas.



1.  HAT – Start your DIY Stan costume with his red and blue beanie hat.

2. HOODIE – Next, you will need a plain brown hoodie or sweatshirt.

3. BUTTONS – Like Eric Cartman’s outfit, we recommend stitching three oversized buttons to your hoodie just like Stan’s. Alternatively, if you are making a South Park group costume, you could use the same fabric markers from Kyle’s cosplay to draw them on.

4. PANTS – Next, get yourself some dark blue pants. Although jeans could be used in a pinch, we recommend something looser fit and more winter-appropriate, like a pair of sweatpants.

5. SCARF – Wrap up warm with a nice red scarf. Perfect for those bitter Fairplay evenings.

6. GLOVES – Add a pair of matching red knitted gloves. A super cheap and easy-to-get costume accessory.

7. SHOES – Finish with a pair of black shoes. Just like that, your DIY Stan Marsh costume is ready to go!


Stan Marsh comes from a middle-class family and has one sister named Shelly. Unlike many of the other families in South Park, the Marsh family is often portrayed in a more relatable and stable manner.

That is, with the potential exception of his father, Randy. Randy is a recurring character known for his misguided and frequently downright bizarre antics.

Like his best friend, Kyle, Stan is portrayed as a more level-headed and rational boy with his moral compass still – at least partially – intact.



Towelie DIY costume

1. COSTUME – If you don’t want to spend several hours making your own Towelie outfit from scratch, then the officially licensed costume is a great place to start. From here, we just need to add a few extra essential accessories.

2. SHOES – Towelie wears a pair of bright yellow shoes. Just because he’s perpetually stoned, that’s no excuse not to look stylish.

3. GLOVES – The extra-large gloves are an entirely optional accessory but they do ramp up the comedy of what is one of our funniest costume ideas.

4. BURGER – When you spend your whole life smoking the reefer, you’re going to get the munchies from time to time. Just don’t go trying to actually eat this burger.

5. BODY SUIT – Finally, get yourself a full-body suit and your DIY Towelie costume is all set!


Towelie is one of the most recognizable individuals among South Park’s vast catalog of recurring characters.

Originally created as part of a government experiment to produce the world’s greatest super soldier, Towelie was declared an abject failure and left to fend for himself.

More likely to get high than follow orders, Towelie is in a perpetual state of intoxication. That doesn’t prevent him from trying to be helpful, often reminding people “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”



Mr Hankey DIY costume

1. BODY SUIT – Mr. Hankey is one of the easiest DIY South Park costumes in this whole roundup. Start with a brown body suit and you’re already halfway there!

2. SANTA HAT – Is Mr, Hankey the greatest Christmas costume of all time? That probably depends on the company you keep but, whether as part of a friends’ or family costume, there’s no doubt it is hilarious.

3. SHIRT – This is an optional step but for our costume, we decided to cut the arms off our bodysuit and add some black thermals underneath to recreate Mr. Hankey’s stick arms.

4. GLOVES – Add a pair of comically oversized cartoon gloves.

5. FAKE POOP – Because even Christmas poops need a friend, you might want to get yourself a fake turd buddy or two.

6. SPRAY – Now, we can’t guarantee that using this will make you any friends but hey, it’s all in the name of festive spirit, right?


Mr. Hankey first appeared in South Park all the way back in the season 1 episode “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.” Since then, he has brought the festive cheer many times over the years.

He only comes to life during the festive season and visits those children who believe in him the most.

Filled with festive cheer, Mr. Hankey is often accompanied by absurd musical numbers. The catchphrase “Howdy-ho!” is as synonymous with Mr. Hankey as “Hi-diddly-ho, neigborino” is with The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders.

More DIY 'South Park' Costume Ideas

South Park is one of the longest-running and most successful sitcoms of all time.

With more iconic characters than you could shake a stick at, there is no end to the funny and unique DIY costume ideas that South Park offers up. Beyond the main cast of Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny, there are dozens of opportunities to delight your friends with your cosplaying ingenuity and sharpened wit.

Still not sure which outfit is right for you? Check out some more of the best DIY outfits that inspired our own roundup guide.