Arnold J. Rimmer Costume from Red Dwarf

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This is how to easily make your own technician Rimmer costume at home, sooner than you can tell everyone to Smeg Off!

Arnold Judas Rimmer Bsc. (Bronze swimming certificate) is the second technician aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Despite his ambitions to become a superior officer, he is the second lowest-ranking person onboard with only Lister to look down on. When an explosion kills everyone onboard, with the exception of Lister who is safely locked away in stasis, Rimmer is reanimated as a hologram to keep the last known human survivor company.

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Buy Arnold Rimmer cosplay items:

  1. Khaki long-sleeve tactical shirt
  2. Khaki military cargo pants
  3. Flat-end knitted tie
  4. Rimmer costume patches (Etsy)
  5. Red Dwarf Jupiter Mining Corporation patch (Etsy)
  6. Black dress shoes
  7. Leather belt
  8. Metallic silver face paint

Arnold Rimmer’s costume has gone through several different iterations throughout Red Dwarf’s 12 seasons. However, it is his first outfit – a standard issue second-technician uniform issued aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf – that arguably still sticks with fans of the show today.

During Series I and II, Rimmer wore a beige tactical shirt with two breast pockets and epaulets on both shoulders. He also wears matching cargo pants. A uniform he was overly proud to wear, what with his family’s military background and all.

Patches on Rimmer’s shirt included his surname, his rank (second technician), and two check marks representing his position as the second lowest ranking member aboard Red Dwarf. The full set of Rimmer costume patches can be found on Etsy from trusted seller PaperCranesCosplay. The Red Dwarf title patch can also be found on Amazon and embroidered onto the left arm, where Rimmer also has a similarly styled circular patch.

Finishing touches for your Red Dwarf Rimmer costume include a pair of black dress shoes and a black leather belt. Of course, while Rimmer’s outfits changed significantly over the years, one thing remained a constant: the capital ‘H’ emblazoned over his forehead. Much to Arnold Rimmer’s chagrin, the ‘H’ is there to show Rimmer’s status as a hologram on the ship (and the only one on Red Dwarf as Holly is only able to maintain one full-time hologram).

To make your own we recommend using a high-quality metallic silver face paint, such as the one we have featured from Despair Blue Squid.