The Cat Costume From Red Dwarf

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The Cat (played by Danny John-Jules) is without a doubt the most stylish and debonair of the Red Dwarf ensemble. Interestingly, many of his early outfits were modeled after the zoot suit that Jules wore to his original interview and which actually belonged to his father. We show you how to be the best-dressed feline on two legs with the best (and possibly only?) ‘The Cat’ costume guide on the internet.

Three million years after Dave Lister smuggled an unquarantined cat aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf, the feline species has evolved into a fully sentient and human-like race. Still, they retain many of their cat-like attributes such as a love for preening, eating, and sleeping. As one of the last members of his species, ‘Cat’ joins the rest of the remaining crew – Lister, Rimmer, and Kryten – on their quest to rediscover the promised land of Fiji (Earth).

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Buy The Cat costume items:

  1. Pink double-breasted suit
  2. Pink pocket square
  3. Silk black bow tie
  4. Ornate brooch
  5. White dress shirt
  6. Gloss black Oxford shoes

The Cat wears a total of seven different suits in season I alone. That’s almost as many costume changes as the rest of the crew combined. Not one for conventional grey and black suits, each Cat costume is unique, bold, and colorful.

The first time we encounter Cat, he is wearing a stylish pink two-piece, double-breasted suit with notch lapels. He wears a silk pocket square hanging almost entirely out of his breast pocket (it would appear the cat species prefers a more ostentatious display of style to us humans).

Cat also wears a silk black bowtie and ornate brooch on his right breast. A simple white dress shirt compliments the salmon pink suit perfectly. Finally, Cat’s costume is tied together with a pair of polished black oxford shoes.

There you have it. The Cat’s costume is stylish and vibrant without being outlandish or garish. He surely is the master of deep space gentlemanly attire.

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