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Bob Harris from Lost in Translation

Bob Harris (played by Bill Murray) is a middle-aged actor who is in Tokyo, Japan to shoot a commercial for a Japanese whisky brand. After a relatively successful acting career, he is feeling increasingly disillusioned with his professional life, as well as his white-picket family life back home. The strange and disorientating backdrop of Toky City only serves to increase his sense of loss and isolation.

Bob forms a close and potentially romantic connection with Charlotte (played by Scarlett Johansson) who shares similar feelings of aimlessness and a lack of clear purpose. This bond becomes the central narrative of the movie as they process their individual struggles and discover a mutual connection neither of them has felt in a long time.

Bob Harris costume

Bob Harris (Lost in Translation) costume guide

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In one of Lost in Translation’s most important scenes, Charlotte rests her head on Bob’s shoulders after a long night of karaoke and partying. It is a pivotal moment that shows the growing bond the two share, as well as their continued feelings of alienation and dissatisfaction. Bob Harris wears a lightweight black blazer, pants, and dress shoes. These contrast against the casual yellow ringer t-shirt that he wears underneath.