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Charlotte Lost in Translation with pink wig

Charlotte (played by Scarlett Johansson) is one of the main characters of Lost in Translation. She is a young woman who travels to Tokyo with her husband, a photographer who needs to be there on business. Charlotte quickly finds herself feeling disconnected and lonely in a foreign country where she is left isolated for long periods of time while her husband works.

After a chance encounter, Charlotte forms a close relationship with aging actor, Bob Harris (Bill Murray), The movie explores the feelings of isolation and discontent that both the characters feel. Together they search for meaning in an unfamiliar world.

The ending leaves the question of a romantic connection ambiguous as both characters seem destined to return to their original partners. The final words shared between the two are unheard by the audience who are left to wonder whether this is the end for Charlotte and Bob.

Charlotte’s costume

Costume guide for Charlotte with pink hair

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  1. Light pink bob wig
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One of Charlotte’s most famous Lost in Translation costumes blends Western style with Tokyo’s unique vibrancy when she joins Bob and their new friends for a late-night Karaoke party. She wears a pink bob wig over her typically chestnut brown hair. This contrasts with a subtle but elegant black asymmetric midi-dress and matching heels. On her wrist, she wears an equally elegant but simple silver bracelet.