Thorn (Hex Girls) Scooby Doo Costume Guide

Hex Girls Costume Scooby Doo

Do you want to know how to make the best Thorn costume from the Hex Girls? We’ve got you covered with our easy step-by-step outfit guide and cosplay makeup tutorial.

The Hex Girls are a rock band that first appeared in the feature-length animated movie: “Scooby-Doo! and the Witch’s Ghost“. The band consists of three sisters: lead singer Thorn (voiced by Jennifer Hale), drummer Dusk (Jane Wiedlin), and keyboardist Luna (Kimberly Brooks).

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As the lead singer and guitarist, Thorn is an incredibly popular Hex Girls costume option: with her witchy punk aesthetic, beautiful dress, and mysterious vampire-esque makeup.

Thorn’s outfit is fun, sexy, and easy to make yourself. Here’s how:

Hex Girls (Thorn) Costume

Hex Girls Thorn Costume Guide

Buy Thorn (Hex Girls) costume items:

  1. Sexy velvet bodycon dress
  2. Satin elbow-length gloves
  3. Red velvet cosplay fabric
  4. Black high heels
  5. Thorn bat necklace (Etsy)
  6. Gothic bat earrings
  7. Costume vampire fangs
  8. Black and red cosplay wig

Step 1: Thorn’s Dress

Why is a Hex Girls costume such a popular choice? One of the main reasons has to be the stunning dresses all three wear. Thorn’s dress has this bewitching ephemeral quality to it with its black and red shades.

We had a really hard time settling on the best dress for our Thorn outfit but ultimately decided on a cute mini bodycon dress in black velvet (featured above).

Velvet is the perfect material for this Hex Girl costume as it catches the light in a very similar, ephemeral way. The light creases in this dress also help to amplify this effect.

Another option is a full-length cocktail dress. This will give you enough length to cut the bottom of the dress in the same jagged way as Thorn’s outfit – provided you have no qualms with cutting into your new dress.

The third and final option we considered was a sexy maxi skirt with a high split, paired with a simple black velvet crop top. This option really exudes that punk-rocker aesthetic that Thorn’s outfit embodies.

These are our three favorite ideas and we’re sure that any one of them would look amazing.

Step 2: Outfit Accessories

Start with a pair of satin – “flapper-style” – elbow-length gloves.

Next, for Thorn’s shoulder straps, I used a length of red velvet cut to length, wrapped around both arms, and then secured behind the back with a simple knot.

One of the most recognizable aspects of Thorn’s Hex Girl costume is her red, bat-shaped necklace.

You could quite easily make this yourself by cutting some leftover velvet into the correct shape, gluing it to a piece of card, and attaching a metal chain.

But if that sounds like too much work, we just bought our readymade Thorn necklace from Etsy. Is that cheating?

We also found a super cute pair of dangly bat earrings with red crystals that went perfectly with this outfit (though these are entirely optional).

Slip into your favorite pair of black heels and your Hex Girls costume is really starting to take shape.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Now, you could go for a generic pair of plastic vampire fangs to complete this look. However, we wanted to make the best Hex Girls costume possible so we went for something much better.

These vampire fangs from BoerFaan come in three different sizes and attach directly to your incisors with a little dental glue.

There really is no comparison, the fangs honestly look amazing. Plus, with these, you can still talk, eat, and drink as you normally would.

If you don’t want to dye your hair with red highlights, consider this long black and red cosplay wig from MapofBeauty. Just like that, your Thorn costume is almost complete. Now for the makeup…

Thorn costume makeup tutorial

Thorn (Hex Girls) costume makeup guide

Now that you have your Hex Girls costume sorted, it’s time to do your makeup. There are countless Hex Girls makeup tutorials out there but this one from cosplayer Kara Michelle is one of our favorites.

This is a more simple and understated take on Thorn’s makeup than some of the others we have seen. And that is exactly what we like about it.

Michelle emphasizes the most recognizable aspect of Thorn’s look – the deep red lips, smoky eyes, and pale skin – without taking them too far.

It’s a fun look and we highly recommend checking out her step-by-step video tutorial above if you’re looking for some inspiration!

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