How to Make a Female Fred Costume (Scooby Doo)

Sexy Fred Costume (Scooby Doo)

Is Fred your favorite Scooby Doo character? Do you want to make a sexy female Fred costume for Halloween, a cosplay event, or even just to surprise a lucky partner? We got you.

Fred Jones was made to lead the Scooby Doo gang. His charisma, resourcefulness, and bravery make him a natural-born leader.

Together with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Daphne, as well as his friends Velma, Scooby, and Shaggy, Mystery Incorporated travels the country unmasking bad guys and meddling in villainous plans.

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A female Fred costume is a fun take on a classic childhood character. This is a great outfit for a woman who embodies bravery, confidence, and charm. Here’s how to make your own:

Sexy Fred Costume Guide

Female Fred Costume Guide

Buy female Fred costume items:

  1. White crop top
  2. Denim hot pants
  3. Orange chiffon scarf
  4. Heeled sandals
  5. Blue fishnet stockings
  6. Blonde wig

This DIY Fred costume is so easy it requires just six items (five if you’re already sporting blonde hair). Here’s how to become a female Fred in 4 steps.

1. Fred’s shirt: Fred wears a white sweatshirt over a blue dress shirt. However, we wanted something a little more revealing. So we chose a cute tied crop top. The choice is yours, what matters most is that you don’t forget his instantly recognizable orange scarf.

2. Fred’s pants: In case it wasn’t already blindingly obvious, we are going for a really sexy (some might say slutty) interpretation for our Female Fred costume. So we landed on some of the shortest denim hot pants we could possibly find and matching fishnet stockings. Of course, any pair of light-blue denim jeans would also work.

3. Fred’s shoes: Again, what shoes you choose to wear is really down to personal preference. Flats or heels are perfectly fine. For our female Fred costume, we went with a pair of strappy-heeled sandals in beige, just to loosely keep to the same color scheme.

4. Fred’s hair: Of course, this Scooby Doo costume is perfect for natural blondes. However, anyone can become Fred – and a blonde for a day – with the aid of a cute cosplay wig.

Are you a female Fred?

Out of the whole Scooby Doo gang, is a female Fred costume the best choice for you? Let’s find out with a fun little personality quiz. Are you…

  • A born leader: You’re the one who makes all the plans and you’re the first one people turn to when things go wrong. You didn’t ask for this responsibility but you bear it with pride. You were just born to be a leader of men.
  • The archetypal hero: You have the looks, you have the charisma, you have it all. There’s no question who the main character is in your life story.
  • The bravest person you know: Nothing scares you but something messing up your perfect hair. Spiders? Please. Scary ghosts and murderous ghouls? All in a day’s work.
  • Irritatingly optimistic: When you’re this awesome, there’s no need to be pessimistic. Life just seems to go your way and the future looks bright.
  • Overly trusting: You always like to see the best in people. Sometimes that can be your downfall. No matter how many times it happens, you are always a little surprised when someone lets you down.

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It’s close but maybe this sexy Fred costume isn’t the one for you after all. Not to worry, which of these quotes best describes you instead?

“As stylish as she is scatterbrained.” – Daphne costume

“A sexy bookworm.” – Velma costume

“Where are the snacks, dude?” – Female Shaggy costume

“Man’s best friend.” – Sexy Scooby Doo

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