Adult Cruella De Vil DIY costume

How to Dress Like Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vill remains one of the most terrifying antagonists in Disney history. As an aristocratic fashion icon for the lowly commoners to aspire to, our Sexy Disney Princess and Villains Costume Roundup would have felt empty without this one.

We promise that no puppies were harmed during the making of this DIY costume. We’re not sure we can say the same for any Prince Charmings though, once they get a look of you dressed like this!


1. SCARF – Just because Cruella didn’t manage to make her dream coat, doesn’t mean you can’t have yours. Disclaimer: No Dalmatians were harmed during the making of this shawl.

2. BODYSUIT – What you wear under your coat is entirely up to you. We went for a sexy black bodysuit similar to the skintight dress worn by Cruella.

3. BELT – Optionally, add a red elastic belt to match your gloves and boots.

4. STOCKINGS – Elevate your sexy Cruella costume to the next level with a pair of provocative fishnet stockings.

5. FOOTWEAR – Stilettos are also a perfectly acceptable option for this outfit but we are huge fans of these boots. Nothing says femme fatale quite like a pair of red over-the-knee boots.

6. GLOVES – Next, add a pair of red satin opera gloves. You are a woman of means, after all.

7. WIG – One of the most recognizable aspects of a Cruella De Vil costume is her distinctive black and white hair. While not great for the office, this hairstyle screams Disney villain.

8. NECKLACE – Can’t afford a real pearl necklace? Neither can we! That’s why we opted for a faux pearl choker instead. Stay classy, ladies.

9. CIGARETTE HOLDER – The epitome of style and class, finish your sexy Cruella costume with a bone and ivory (imitation) long cigarette holder.


Cruella De Vil is the primary antagonist of Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians”, and later Disney’s animated film adaptation (1961).

She is a wealthy and fashionable aristocrat with a cruel and sadistic personality. Most recognizable for her black-and-white hairstyle, Cruella makes it her life mission to make the perfect coat, crafted from the fur of Dalmatian puppies.

She hires two henchmen, Jasper and Horace, to find and kidnap the significant number of puppies needed to make her coat. Cruella’s dastardly plot is only thwarted when Pongo and Perdita team up with the kidnapped dogs to escape.

As one of the most evil Disney villains of all time – with her killer instincts rivaled only by her sharp fashion sense – Cruella De Vil is the perfect sexy costume idea for our more morally flexible Disney fans.

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Cruella De Vil is the queen of our Sexy Disney Princess and Villains costume collection. While her methods may be questionable, we can all respect her dedication to looking as good as possible!

A sexy Cruella costume is an incredibly popular outfit idea for Halloween and themed parties. With several live-action and animated adaptations, there are more than a few ways to interpret this iconic Disney villain.

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