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Dress like Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled with our easy step-by-step guide

Sexy adult Rapunzel DIY costume (Tangled)

How To Dress Like Rapunzel

Tangled (released in 2010) finally gave Rapunzel the 21-st century Disney treatment she deserved. No more damsel in distress, Disney’s Rapunzel is a strong independent woman in charge of her own destiny.

To make this sexy outfit idea you are going to need locks for days and a stunning purple ensemble. We show you everything you need with our easy homemade guide!


Sexy Rapunzel adult DIY costume guide

1. CORSET – The focal point of our look is a steamy and seductive lace-up corset. Lightly patterned with floral details and lacey accents, this corset is guaranteed to turn more than a few heads. We think we can just about get away with it in public, right?

2. SKIRT – Add a mini skirt of your choice. You will most likely want to stick to a purple color scheme but the shade is entirely up to you. As is the length (*wink wink*). We chose a high-waisted ruffle skirt with sequins to play into the fairytale-esque look of this outfit.

3. FOOTWEAR – Time to slip into your sexiest footwear! We went with some sexy white booties for our Rapunzel costume but, obviously, heels would be just perfect too.

4. GLOVES – Nothing says Renaissance princess fashion quite like a pair of sheer elbow-length gloves. Bridal gloves work best for this and are the easiest to get a hold of.

5. WIG – Rapunzel is the ultimate costume choice for any woman with naturally long and blonde locks. If you don’t quite have the kind of hair a prince could clamber up then an extra-long wig is the next best thing. Look for a wig that is over 40″ in length. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for Prince Charming to come to you.

6. HAIR CLIPS – It is the magic golden flower that gives Rapunzel’s hair its special healing qualities. Add some nature to your flowing locks with a collection of flower clips. Alternatively, a simple floral headpiece is another great option.

7. PLUSH – Where would Disney’s Rapunzel be without her trusty sidekick, Pascal? This plush is great because it comes with a magnet that can be placed under your clothing for him to ‘stick’ to. True, our sexy Rapunzel costume doesn’t have all that much ‘clothing’ to speak of but we’re sure you can find somewhere to keep him.

8. FRYING PAN – When you look this good, you’re gonna need something to fight off all the suitors. Time to raid your kitchen cupboard and find the heaviest, sturdiest frying pan you own.


Rapunzel is a classic fairytale character who officially joined the list of Disney princesses with the release of Tangled (2010).

After discovering that Rapunzel’s magical hair has the power to heal and rejuvenate, the evil Mother Gothel locks her away in a tower and uses her abilities to stay forever young.

One day, she encounters the thief Flynn Rider as he attempts to escape his pursuers. The two strike a deal; Rapunzel will help Flynn and in exchange, he will take her on a journey to see the floating lanterns that appear in the sky every year on her birthday.

On the journey she learns the truth about her past and how Mother Gother stole her away. In the end, Rapunzel embraces her true identity and her hair loses its magical properties, symbolizing her transition into adulthood and the end of her ‘fairytale’ life.

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Rapunzel from Tangled is a fun and easy costume idea for fans of the original fairytale. With beautiful locks and an adorable purple dress, we love how this look came out!

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