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Our whimsical and sexy Queen of Hearts look is here to make heads roll

How to Dress Like the Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is one of our favorite Disney villains of all time. As eccentric as she is stylish, she embodies all that makes Alice in Wonderland so magical.

Our Sexy Disney Princess and Villains costume roundup would have felt incomplete without this DIY outfit. Like an empty chair at the mad-hatter’s dinner table. Don’t be late, It’s time to place your crown atop your regal head and show these whacky peasants who the real queen is.


Sexy Queen of Hearts DIY costume

1. CORSET – This red and black corset proved absolutely perfect for our outfit. There are plenty of other corsets available but we could not recommend this particular one enough!

2. SKIRT – Next, add either a black or red mini-skirt. A tutu is great for creating a more whimsical aesthetic, in keeping with the world of Alice in Wonderland.

3. SHOES – As with the skirt, either a pair of red or black heels will work perfectly well with this outfit. You can either go for a simple pair of stilettos, to contrast against the whackier aspects of this costume, or a more elaborate pair such as ours with white bow accents.

4. SOCKS – Again, these playing-card knee-high socks were just the perfect addition for our DIY Queen of Hearts costume. Of course, fishnets would also work well, if you prefer.

5. SUNGLASSES – Optional accessory but we feel the Queen of Hearts would certainly approve of these stylish, red-tinted shades.

6. NECKLACE – We simply love a sexy choker. This red choker with a dangly heart charm goes great with the rest of this look.

7. CROWN – Would any sexy Queen of Hearts costume be complete without a crown? We don’t think so. There are loads of crowns and tiaras to choose from but we went for this heart-ordained tiara in keeping with the rest of our cosplay.

8. EARRINGS – It really is the smaller details that elevate this look to the next level. A pair of playing card earrings is one such detail.

9. GLOVES – Wrap your fingers around some exquisite lace gloves fit for a queen.

10. STAFF – The finishing flourish for our DIY Queen of Hearts costume is her unique staff. How else are you supposed to beat the filthy masses into submission?


The Queen of Hearts is the primary antagonist in Lewis Carrol’s novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland‘, and later, Disney’s animated adaptation.

She is the ruler of Wonderland, a strange and alien world that Alice accidentally finds herself in after falling down a rabbit hole. 

Known for her short temper and tyrannical nature, her catchphrase “Off with their heads!” has become synonymous with her character.

The Queen of Heart’s outfit is every bit as iconic as whacky and memorable as her character, making it an ideal costume for anyone who wants to show off their wild side.

More DIY 'Queen of Hearts' Costume Ideas

The monarch of Wonderland might be a tyrannical dictator, but there’s no denying she has one sweet fashion sense!

Our sexy DIY Queen of Hearts costume is all about embodying that ‘I can do what I please’ attitude. Powerful, regal, and spicy as hell! Alice might be the princess of Wonderland, but there will only ever be one queen.

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