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Show the men what it takes to be a legendary samurai warrior in a male-dominated world

Adult Mulan costume

How to Dress Like Mulan

Mulan is one of the earliest Disney protagonists to prove that ‘princesses’ don’t always need a ‘prince charming’ to save the day. Based on the Chinese tale of a woman who disguises herself as a man in order to take her Father’s place in the army, Mulan became a symbol of female power and defying gender norms.

This adult Mulan costume is a fun and sexy take on a classic character. It’s time to flaunt your feminine power and show the men how it’s done.


1. CORSET – Mulan dresses in traditionally modest Chinese attire. Sophisticated? No doubt, but that’s not what we’re here for! To make our sexy Mulan costume we started with a floral blue corset that was form-fitting and elegant.

2. SHAWL – To protect our modesty, we then added a beautiful shawl with an intricate paisley pattern to imitate oriental styling.

3. FOOTWEAR – Your choice of footwear is entirely up to you. With so many vibrant colors, green, yellow, blue, and black heels all pair perfectly with Mulan’s outfit.

4. WRAP – For Mulan’s flowy skirt, we chose a yellow beach wrap. This replicated her dress well while also tastefully flaunting more skin in a sexy but not overly slutty way.

5. WIG – Mulan has silky black hair which almost feels impossibly straight. If necessary, we recommend a long black wig (around 40 inches) to fall just below the shoulders.

6. SASH – Next, we added a red silk sash over our corset to imitate Mulan’s belt.

7. MUSHU – Optional accessory but Mulan never went far without her trusty sidekick Mushu. Plus, it definitely adds an extra cute factor to this costume.

8. CRI-KEE – Another loyal sidekick, Cri-Kee is a cricket who is supposed to bring good luck in Chinese lore.

9. CAGE – If you want to carry Cri-Kee around with you then we also recommend an ornate gold birdcage, very similar to the insect cage Mulan owns.


Disney’s Mulan (1998) is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, a young woman who disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the army. From there she goes on to become a decorated and heroic warrior.

Mulan was the second Disney movie not to be based on a traditional fairytale (after Pocahontas) and formed part of Disney’s 20th-century Renaissance period.

Voiced by Ming-Na Wren, Mulan was celebrated at the time for challenging traditional gender roles and proving that a woman could excel in a male-dominated world.

More DIY 'Mulan' Costume Ideas

Mulan is often overlooked as a sexy Disney Princess costume option. However, that just means there is an opportunity to make a unique and irresistible DIY outfit for your next Halloween party.

This adult Mulan costume is super easy to make at home and full of beautiful and oriental mystique.

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