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Become the queen of ice from Frozen with our step-by-step guide

DIY sexy Elsa costume for adults (Frozen)

How To Dress Like Elsa

You might be the ice queen but things are about to get hot and steamy real fast with our sexy Elsa costume (R Rated: Strictly for naughty adults only).

This outfit is the perfect excuse to put on a stunning dress and your hottest high heels. As part of our Sexy Disney Princess and Villains Costume collection, this DIY guide proves that even your naughtiest dreams can come true! From the perfect wig, to all your winter-themed accessories, we have everything you need.


Sexy (Adult) Elsa DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – First, we chose a cute mini cocktail dress in a light, glittery blue. Alternatively, another great option we liked the look of is a blue bodysuit and white sheer skirt combination.

2. FOOTWEAR – Our footwear of choice is a pair of light blue stiletto heels. If you would prefer something more visually striking, then these knee-high boots with a stacked heel would also look amazing with this outfit.

3. GLOVES – Add a pair of fingerless satin gloves to your DIY costume, just like the ones Elsa wears in Frozen.

4. TIARA – Dress like the queen you are with a stunning replica of Elsa’s crown. For the price, we were shocked by how good this crown actually looks and feels. It is a suitable size for adults too.

5. NECKLACE – This is an optional extra but it does add a touch of frosty elegance to our adult Elsa costume. Although not identical to the one seen in the movie, this snowflake necklace is a beautiful little addition that matches the rest of the outfit perfectly.

6. WIG – No Elsa costume is complete without her beautiful blonde locks, tied loosely into a flowing plait. There are tons of great Elsa wig options available, just choose your favorite. Of course, Elsa is a great costume option for all you natural blondes too.

7. LINGERIE – Are you ready to make someone’s evening? As if your sexy Elsa cosplay wasn’t enough, you have something even more fun hidden underneath. Modern Boho has a whole range of Disney princess-inspired lingerie and each set is more seductive than the last. We highly recommend checking them out; it’s time to make your partner’s childhood dreams a reality!


Elsa is the elder sister of Princess Anna and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Ardendelle. However, she struggles to control her powerful magical abilities which have the potential to cause serious damage.

After losing control and accidentally plunging Arendelle into eternal winter, Elsa locks herself away in a faraway ice palace.

Anna, with the help of an ice harvester named Kristoss, his reindeer Sven, and a talking snowman named Olaf, set out on a journey to find Elsa and ultimately return her to her rightful home.

Frozen is a beautiful tale that explores the themes of family love and self-acceptance. Elsa ultimately learns that love is the key to controlling her powers; the love of her family and love for herself.

More DIY 'Frozen' Costume Ideas

Frozen caused quite a stir when it was released back in 2013. Arguably Disney’s most popular new franchise of the modern age, Elsa is the Disney Princess the 21st-century needed.

This fun and sexy costume is guaranteed to thaw even the iciest of hearts and light a fire in the loins of anyone who gazes upon it.

Need more ideas? We have compiled some of the best and sexiest homemade Elsa costumes for your enjoyment!