Rule the land and under the sea as ‘The Little Mermaid’ with our easy step-by-step outfit guide

Sexy Ariel Costume (The Little Mermaid)

How to Dress Like Ariel

Kicking off our Sexy Disney Princess and Villains costume collection we have everyone’s childhood obsession: Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Has there ever been a Disney Princess that has tapped into our taboo sides quite like Ariel? The first character sparked a generation of naughty mermaid fantasies. We could think of no better place to start! Here is everything you need to know to dress like the hottest creature under the sea…


Sexy Ariel DIY costume guide

1. BIKINI – We really wanted to push the limits of what we could get away with in public here – what are costume parties for right? We chose an adorable seashell bikini ‘top’ in a light purple. If you would rather something slightly more modest, might we suggest a sequin tank top instead?

2. SKIRT – You have tons of options when it comes to recreating Ariel’s mermaid tail. We chose a shimmery mini skirt with a scaly print. Other options include a tassel hip scarf, a sequin pencil mini skirt, or (another one of our favorites) a pair of stunning high-waisted mermaid pants with fin tassels.

3. LEGGINGS – If you decide to go for a mini skirt, a pair of glittery green fishnets can really tie this whole sexy Little Mermaid costume together.

4. FOOTWEAR – This Ariel costume is just begging for a sexy pair of heels to complete the look. We managed to find our favorite pair from Vertundy: beautiful pointed-toe stilettos with silver straps. The rhinestones add a water-droplet quality that is just perfect for this outfit. Alternatively, you could also slip into a pair of blue classic slip-on heels, just like the ones Ariel wears in her human form.

5. WIG – No Little Mermaid outfit is complete without her signature red hair. If you don’t feel like dying your hair then a long red wig is the ideal solution.

6. SEBASTIAN – Because every mermaid needs her trusty sidekicks, this adorable Sebastian plush adds an extra-cute dimension to this otherwise non-PG outfit.

7. FLOUNDER – Don’t worry Flounder, we didn’t forget about you. Can’t decide on your favorite sidekick? Choose both!


Ariel is one of the most beloved and iconic Disney princesses of all time.

Unfulfilled with her life under the sea and enamored with a man she frequently sees on shore, Ariel seeks out the help of the sea witch Ursula to transform her into a human.

Ursula grants Ariel’s wishes. However, it is all part of a plot to see the sea witch take control of the undersea kingdom of Atlantica from Ariel’s father, King Triton.

With the help of her new love, Prince Eric, Ariel is able to defeat Ursula and restore peace to Atlantica in true Disney fashion.

Ariel’s character has become an endearing symbol of curiosity, independence, and the pursuit of individual dreams. Not to mention one of the hottest Disney Princesses to ever grace our screens.

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Seeing Ariel from The Little Mermaid for the first time was a watershed moment for many young men and women. You’re not sure what it is that makes her so alluring but you know you like her!

Now it’s time to make everyone’s wildest dreams come true. A sexy Ariel costume is a fun and easy way to spice up any Halloween event or themed party. How lucky are your friends and loved ones?

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