Dave Lister Costume from Red Dwarf

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Read on to find out how to make the best Dave Lister costume from Red Dwarf, including where to find all the patches and pins for his iconic leather motorcycle jacket.

Dave Lister was locked away in stasis after illegally smuggling a cat aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Awoken after three million years, Lister finds that everyone aboard has died, his cat has evolved into a sentient, human-like species, and his closest work partner Rimmer has been reanimated as a hologram. Together they explore the lonely expanses of space looking for signs of life and trying to make their way back to Earth.

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Buy Dave Lister costume items:

  1. Leather biker jacket
  2. Leather pants
  3. Dave Lister shirt: Smeg Head / D-D-Don’t Shoot
  4. Motorcycle boots
  5. Red handkerchief
  6. Various patches and pins (see below)

So you want to make a Red Dwarf Dave Lister costume? Whether for Halloween or just for a generally kickass rebel aesthetic, this is a great cosplay to recreate.

First, the basics: Dave Lister wears a leather motorcycle jacket with custom patches (more on how to make Lister’s jacket soon). Under his jacket, he typically wears a casual tee. We’ve found a couple of great options: his iconic ‘D-D-Don’t shoot’ Mugs Murphy T-Shirt and a ‘Smeg Head’ memorabilia tee. Dave also frequently wears plain black shirts if you prefer. Whichever shirt you choose, just remember to get it nice and dirty with various vindaloo and grease stains to truly create an authentic Dave Lister costume.

Next, Lister often wears leather motorcycle pants with a red bandana tied around one thigh (similar to the one he also wears around his left arm). He also wears a pair of chunky motorcycle leather boots, that are known to have quite a pungent smell to them.

The finishing touch to a Dave Lister costume is his distinctive headwear. According to the official Red Dwarf compendium, Lister wears a leather deer stalker cap. Whether or not it was a custom design is unclear as there isn’t a whole lot of additional information available. The closest Lister hat option we found was the black shearling sheepskin fudd hat from furhatworld. The hat is a little pricey but the quality is top-notch and it would round off any Dave Lister cosplay perfectly.

Dave Lister Leather Jacket

Dave Lister wears a custom leather motorcycle jacket with stainless steel hardware. The most important part of Dave Lister’s costume is his assorted collection of pins and patches, many of which are from either the military or the punk scene. For example, Lister wears patches from the US Air Force, Navy, and NASA. He also has a classic Rolling Stones Tongue badge and a classic yellow winking face on his left arm.

The assortment of insignia designed to represent various ranks and positions (such as the corporal chevron and sheriff badge he wears) represent Lister’s lack of respect for authority and his general punk-inspired approach to life aboard Red Dwarf.

Dave Lister’s costume screams counter-culture rebel and, when done right, is perfect not only for a Red Dwarf cosplay but also a stylish and personalized jacket that you can wear day-to-day. Here are all the patches, pins, and badges we have identified on Dave Lister’s jacket:

Rolling Stones – Classic tongue patch (Right jacket breast)

Tomcat Navy Fighter (Right arm)

USAF 27TH Component Repair Squadron CRS (Right arm)

Apollo Mission XIII (Right arm)

Corporal two chevrons patch (Lower right arm)

Small gold star patch (Lower right arm)

Small red star patch (Lower right arm)

Sheriff’s Gold Star badge (Right lapel)

Ying and Yang pin (Right lapel)

Air Force Space Command patch (Left jacket breast)

Pirate Skull and Crossbones pin (x2 – both upper lapels)

Smiling winking face patch (Left arm)

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