Eustace Courage the Cowardly Dog DIY Costume Guide

Eustace costume from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Do you want to know how to make a Eustace costume from Courage the Cowardly Dog? How about an adorable Muriel and Eustace couples costume? We show you how with our easy step-by-step outfit guides.

Eustace is Muriel’s husband and one of Courage the Cowardly Dog’s elderly owners. He is portrayed as a cranky, selfish, and badly-tempered old man who frequently mistreats Courage.

Eustace is known to chastize Courage at any opportunity with his famous catchphrase “Stupid Dog!”. Despite considering Courage a cowardly and good-for-nothing companion, Eustace often depends on his dog to rescue him from the terrifying supernatural phenomena that plague the town of ‘Nowhere’.

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Eustace is a fun and easy Courage the Cowardly Dog costume to make for yourself.

Requiring as few as 5 simple outfit accessories, this is a great option for a last-minute costume party or cosplay event, particularly if you’re looking for something a little more ‘out-of-the-box’ unusual.

Plus, when worn as part of a Muriel and Eustace matching costume, it makes for one adorable couple’s costume.

How to Make a Eustace Costume

Eustace (Courage the Cowardly Dog) costume guide

Buy Eustace costume items:

  1. Oversized green overalls
  2. Yellow regular-fit shirt
  3. Brown newsboy cap
  4. Round sunglasses
  5. Formal Oxford shoes
  6. Courage the Dog plush

1. Green Overalls: The main part of Eustace’s costume is his green overalls. You want to find a classically fitted pair of overalls for that extra-baggy fit around the legs.

2. Undershirt: Eustace wears an off-white, collared shirt under his overalls. Like the overalls, you want to go for a relaxed fit so that you can ideally roll up the sleeves a couple of times.

3. The Cap: This is another important accessory that no Eustace costume should be without. He wears a newsboy-style flat cap in a dark brown. Traditional newsboy hats are typically fitted and can’t be adjusted, so make sure you check the measurements before purchasing.

4. Round glasses: For an Eustace and Muriel costume, you will need a pair of round-frame glasses. If you are going for a cartoon-style aesthetic, we recommend a matching pair of reflective steampunk sunglasses. Otherwise, any pair of circular shades or reading glasses will more than suffice.

5. Dress shoes: Eustace has a pair of highly polished black dress shoes. It is entirely possible that you already have a suitable pair already but you might want to give them some love with a professional shoe polish. You want to see your face in them.

6. Courage plushie: Lastly, if one of your friends isn’t making their own Courage the Cowardly Dog costume, then tie your Eustace and Muriel costumes together with an adorable Courage plushie. Not particularly easy to get a hold of these days but there are some beautifully handcrafted Courage cuddly toys available on Etsy.