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Evolve into your best form with this adorable and super easy Eevee outfit idea

Adult Eevee costume

How To Dress Like Eevee

Vaporean might be one of the coolest Water Type Pokemon and Jolteon could give Pikachu a run for its money but none of those legendary evolutions would be possible without one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time: Eevee.

This Pokemon is as adorable as it is versatile, capable of fitting seamlessly into any Pokemon Trainer’s team. Now, it’s time for you to evolve into your cutest form with our fun, sexy and simple DIY Eevee look.


Eevee (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. BODYSUIT – We started our look with a sexy brown bodysuit as a versatile base that we could then add our accessories to.

2. EEVEE HAT – We particularly liked this officially licensed Eevee snapback cap for its cool and laidback look. The quality is fantastic and it comes highly rated by other users.

3. FOOTWEAR – Our choice of footwear was a pair of brown pumps in soft leather. Knee-high boots are also a great option if you prefer!

4. TAIL – Of course, no Eevee costume would be complete without that signature bushy tail. This faux fur tail in brown with a white tip is a fantastic option.

5. FUR COLLAR – Eevee’s fur mane is a big part of what makes this Pokemon so adorable! Make your own with a faux fur neck warmer, ideal for those cooler Halloween nights.

6. TIGHTS – Finally, cream-colored tights are an optional accessory if you would rather wrap up warm!


Eevee is another iconic Pokemon, known for its ability to evolve into several different forms, each with their own unique characteristics and types.

Eeeve’s unmatched evolutionary ability makes it a favorite among Pokemon trainers as it can fit into various team compositions and battle preferences.

In total, Eevee has 8 different evolution options with popular ones including Vaporeon (Water type), Jolteon (Lightning type), and Flareon (Fire type).

More DIY 'Eevee' Cosplay Ideas

Eevee in its base form might not be the most powerful Pokemon in the world but it is, without doubt, one of the most iconic! This Eevee costume is cute, cuddly, sexy, and so easy to make at home for all adults who still dream of catching ’em all.

You are in good company too. Eevee is an incredibly popular outfit in the cosplay community. We highly recommend checking out some of our favorite homemade looks for even more inspiration.

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