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Let those sparks fly with this formidable Jolteon Pokemon outfit tutorial

Jolteon cosplay

How To Dress Like Jolteon

Is that static in the air we feel? Could it be a looming thunderstorm or is it just the power of our electrifying Jolteon costume? Generate some friction with this fun and sexy outfit, perfect for raves and parties.

Dress like Jolteon with our step-by-step guide. From the hottest outfit pairing to the best handmade accessories, we show you everything you need!

Jolteon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. TOP – Jolteon’s striking appearance makes it a very popular costume for raves and festivals. With that in mind, we started with this sexy yellow crop top.

2. SKIRT – Next, we went for a pleated skirt in white for that two-tone color contrast of Jolteon’s fur.

3. COLLAR – Optionally, add a white fur collar to recreate Jolteon’s spiky mane.

4. EARRINGS – We felt these neon yellow earrings were the perfect little addition to our Jolteon outfit and, again, perfect for a rave or a festival look.

5. BOOTS – Any excuse to wear latex-look knee-high boots, are we right? Particularly something like this pair in neon yellow with a chunky platform heel.

6. ACCESSORY SET – Who has time to make their own props these days? We could not recommend this set from Etsy enough to complete your Jolteon costume. Comes with an authentic ears headband and tail.


Jolteon #135 was introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games as the Electric-type evolution of Eevee.

Eevee evolves into Jolteon once high friendship is achieved and while Eevee is holding a Thunder Stone.

Jolteon has incredibly high speed stats, making it one of the fastest Pokemon available. This, coupled with considerable special attack stats, makes Jolteon a formidable and aggressive offensive Pokemon. 

More DIY 'Jolteon' Cosplay Ideas

With such a striking and distinctive look, it’s no surprise that Jolteon is such a popular outfit option for cosplay and costume events, as well as raves and festivals.

Fortunately, it is also super easy to make your own Jolteon look with plenty of room for personal interpretation. For even more inspiration, we highly recommend checking out some of our favorite homemade costumes and even some brilliant makeup tutorials.

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