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Set the party ablaze with this fiery Flareon Pokemon cosplay tutorial

Flareon cosplay

How To Dress Like Flareon

You might look cute and cuddly but make no mistake, you have a fiery streak. One that nobody wants to find themselves on the wrong side of. That’s why this Flareon cosplay is the perfect outfit for you!

From that thick and luscious mane to those adorable fox ears, we’re here to show you everything you need to dress like Eevee’s Fire Type evolution, Flareon.


Flareon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. CORSET – We started our Flareon cosplay with this sexy corset in bright orange with a ribbed finish that we feel evokes the look of flames.

2. SKIRT – Add a matching mini skirt with a pleated finish, again to recreate that look of motion and fiery texture.

3. SHAWL – A sheer orange shawl rounds out the base for this look.

4. FUR COLLAR – This fur wrap is absolutely perfect for recreating Flareon’s mane as it is just the right size.

5. TAIL AND EARS – If you don’t want to make your own props from scratch then we cannot recommend this headband and tail accessory set from Etsy enough!

6. WIG – Just look at how beautiful this wig looks! The red to orange to yellow finish looks just like fire and it is ideal for this Flareon outfit.

7. SOCKS – Finally, we added a pair of matching over-the-knee socks and our Flareon costume is officially complete!


Flareon #136 was introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games and is the result of evolving Eevee while holding a Fire Stone.

As a Fire-type Pokemon, Flareon is an offensive Pokemon with several powerful abilities including Flash Fire, which boosts its Fire-type moves, and Guts, which dramatically increases its Attack stat.

It uses its fur collar to cool down its body heat, which can reach 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit, and is capable of exhaling fire in excess of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

More DIY 'Flareon' Cosplay Ideas

While Flareon is a popular Eevee evolution for Pokemon players, it is surprisingly underutilized in the cosplay community. No matter, that’s just an opportunity for us to make a real impression!

For more Flareon outfit inspiration, check out some of our favorite homemade looks from across Pinterest. You will also find some truly fantastic makeup tutorials that we highly recommend checking out.

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